Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

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Shaping the narrative takes work.
Trial date: July 12, 2021
Unusual to have a 1-year gap from arrest to trial?
What might be the purpose?

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From Buckle UP Thread:

It was a fishing expedition and it failed

She got some very bad legal advice. Cases like that always get tossed unless very focused on weakest link.

Thread off to a flying’ start! :dipso::rofl::popcorn:

Blessings from Mr. Katz serving as JPII

Insider Paper@TheInsiderPaper

BREAKING: People who flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, pilot testified in trial: Prince Andrew Donald Trump (before he was President) Bill Clinton Chris Tucker Astronaut John Glenn Violinist Itzhak Perlman George Mitchell Kevin Spacey

6:07 PM · Nov 30, 2021·Twitter Web App

Does this mean they can now call on The Donald to testify? :popcorn:

Also, I believe Comey’s daughter is leading the prosecution, and the Judge may be a Obama hold out, or a Clinton loyalist or some such thing. Will follow up.

Nancy Pelosi Portfolio Tracker@NancyTracker

On the 1st day of Maxwell’s trial…

The CEO of twitter resigned
The CFO of CNBC resigned
The CFO of Walmart resigned
The CFO of Goldman Sachs resigned
Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN


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Oh. Look. So surprised.

Archived link (note all links are paywalled)

There was a lad for a while who had a twitter account that had pictures of all the Great & Good who came to Ireland with the likes of Bono and other folk, possibly Epstein, can’t remember exactly but the point here is it didn’t take long for that to get “shredded”, and that sa few years ago now, before the Covids . Not sure if they ever posted to alternative sites.

That’s how they keep them reading the script and participating in all the hoaxes. Wasn’t Bono so unlucky to witness TWO! mass casualty events back in France some years ago?
But astronots? Did they fake the “Space” Travel, too?
I’d guess the Pizza and Happy Island were made public to remind all the political actors about the importance of the plandemic theatre.

@trialtracker whacked, had over half a million followers.

This site here is also covering the trial:

You can search “maxwell” to find all the posts too.

New account up? Says they’re going private ASAP though.

A thread worth reading

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Lol it’s so transparent. They’ve blacked out all the flight logs. They’re just going to brazen this out.

This is good though. Their credibility is dying.

Btw it’s absolutely hilarious that Alan Dershowitz is the one who agitated to legalize pornography…and then allegedly gets secretly filmed himself 25 years later

Now then, now then.

Photoshop has been around a long time right, but…


Case closed.

But is this suggesting that a Prince Andrew related docket has to be unsealed by early January?