Ghost estates - Cork

Two more to add to the list. The two in question are Cul Ard and Castle Lake, in Carrigtwohill.

I drove around and took some photos yesterday. I counted about 42 vacant and completed houses in Cul Ard, and another 30 odd houses in Castle Lake. There were also about two dozen houses up for sale in that estate. It is interesting to note that Daft lists 72 properties for sale in total in the town, but even a quick drive around the town will find that many new vacant houses.

See here and here for photos.

Very surreal stuff there Gavin. Some of those photos look like they could be CGI shots from the sales brochure.

If the prices of those houses come down, they’d have no problem getting buyers. The amount of friends I have in their mid-twenties still living at home in Cork is frightening.

On the otherhand, if there are houses lying idle in decent areas like Carrigtwohill, just imagine those estates in the middle of nowhere in Buttervant, Kanturk and Mitchelstown.

…and Mallow! I plan to go to those locations soon.

Don’t forget Castlelyons and Ballyhooly… I’ve been in Fermoy for 12 months and there’s a few developments that haven’t changed much in that time. There’s been a colourful sign up in Ballyhooly for months offering a free Yaris with your house.

Even I couldn’t believe the prices,no wonder its a ghost town E295,000 for a three bed semi? WTF?

Plenty of time for the weeds to grow around this one yet…

And don’t forget Boherbue. A very long way from Cork city.

You don’t have to venture far outside Cork city to find ghost estates.

O’Callaghan Properties Lisheen Fields in Ovens just outside Ballincollig is lying empty (actually one house in the first phase looks to be occupied - maybe security) The rest of the 30 acre site is mothballed. They bought the site for 9 million euro in 2004 … &d=0&o=109

Coolkellure Matthew Hill (just off Forge Hill in the city) Lots of empty finished houses no buyers … D=qpsytrsr

O’Flynn Construction Belfield Abbey - Boreenmanna Road, Cork City … =15997&p=1

and potentially the biggest turkey of the lot yet to be launched but almost complete Cork’s very own skyscraper - the Elysian

I like the follwing from the Elysian website -

You’d want to have decent hearing to be able to hear what the winos down by the bus station are saying from your 30th floor (private) balcony.

In addition, its obviously reassuring from a buyer’s perspective to learn that the balconys will be private. You’d never know who’d turn up on one of those public ones.

Further tripe includes

The best is yet to come - where did we hear that before? Has Colemanballs taken to writing property porn??

The spot at the end of the curraheen road near the UCC Farm is also vacant as is the large estate off the link road on the way into Ballincollig.

wrt Carrigtwohill,

Its a piss pot village with nothing of any merit in it bar a school and a GAA pitch. Most people look to midleton to actually live as the facillities in Carrig consist of a Centra. Plus its 10 miles from any reasonable supermarket. A big dose af AMGEN-ITIS it has and unless somebody goes back to Amgen’s site, i expect the houses mentioned to fall drastically.

wrt the Elysian

I stood outside this the other day waiting for a lift home, the noise is deafening and i wouldn’t be paid to sit on the (low) level balconies.

If they have not sold all units prior to construction, then problems are coming because one look at the gaff and most people will run a mile.

Another one in Ballincollig
Fionn Laoi, Poulavone, Ballincollig (McInerny homes)

Heard yesterday that a lot of these are being bought for affordable/social housing)

Just a quick observation on the Elysian is that it seems to have endeared itself to the “entitled”, “snob” and the “want to be” classes of Cork based on a few conversations that I’ve been having with persons while out on the town during the last couple of weekends.
I’m talking here about your semi-state employed, BMW 1 series driving, gin and tonic drinking, Friday evening barbecue with the work colleagues type of cliquers.
These people seem to have been drawn in by whatever it is about the IMAGE of this place that seems to affix itself to these people.
The Elysian appears to have the image that they desire.
I’m not sure that they would actually purchase there or not but they sure do seem to like it.

Jeez, that chip on your shoulder must weigh you down…

The blurb for the Elysian is still nothing like as horrific as Gorgeous Living has arrived in Belmayne, sorry.

Nothing is ever going to equal that.

Oi! Leave me out of this. :imp:


can’t wait to see what these get priced at. Word around the campfire is they’re gonna need those fancy London interior designers because the quality of the finish carpentry is supposed to be diabolicol
I have a friend who worked there who says he never seen work that rough in his life and this guy has seen plenty of subpar work in his day