ghost estates of luxury homes show why Ireland is bust

I was going to stick this in the foreign press section but you must have a look at the pictures in the article, this is what
Outraged TunbridgeWells is looking at this moring … -bust.html

Oi, Leitrim, why the long face??? :open_mouth:

That house is on the N4 which I think is just across the border in Longford.

How the friggin’ hell did they find not one, but two!

Everyone knows it’s next to impossible to sight one of these mythical beasts!

IT: Can’t find ghost estates…

I would agree that said house would be currently be worth approximatly one third of it’s bubble asking price, however asking prices and the market in general are far from being at the one third level, we are much closer to the two thirds level at present.

They are semis FFS.

Well they are luxurious by British standards, most modern houses built in the UK are much smaller than those in the pictures.

I told you so from the little englanders

honestly ewd3 it sounds like he means well. Doesn’t sound like little-england at all. Surely little-england would be a big dose of shadenfreude and glee that we are hoist upon our own petard?

have to agree;

give the smugness that has emanated from Ireland over the last few years it’s quite mild

Concievably, if they were to get rid of the monarchy, place parliament and other important government areas outside of England e.g. Wales, Isle of Mann, and create a Republic then maybe, just maybe, we could talk. The name couldn’t be anything to do with Kingdom, Britain or England though.

I don’t say this lightly, but if it meant an end to strife over Northern Ireland and also meant that politics becomes more national than local, it would be worth considering.

I wonder how the British who feel we should rejoin them would feel about joining us instead. The Republic of Small Wet Islands off the West of Europe.

I agree too. I used to be very armchair republican in my youth but after half a decade in England I think on the whole it’s a better country than Ireland. I’d prefer to be English so that I could have felt permanently at home there and have my family just a drive away.

Of course if we were still in the union I doubt we’d fare as well as the south of England does, much of what’s available in southern England isn’t available in the north of the country. There really is something of a divide. And once you start looking at all that Northern Ireland still lacks, even in terms of NHS care, I suspect we’d just be every bit as much of a poor cousin.

Similar divides exist here…Dublin v Limerick for instance.

Out of interest, how much would it cost the UK taxpayer to bring our infrastructure into the 20th century, let alone the 21st?

Anyone know which bank gave that couple their mortgage? Never knew thinks were quite as mad as THAT.

The Ghost Estate problem has been solved…
Ex-pats could fill ghost estates says Bannon

26 November 2010
By Liam Cosgrove
Tax breaks should be offered to hundreds of thousands of ex-pats overseas in a bid to solve Longford’s ghost estates crisis, local Fine Gael TD James Bannon has said.
According to Mr Bannon, the move could see large swathes of empty housing estates across the county filled almost overnight.

He said he has approached government officials with a view to implementing the strategy ahead of next month’s draconian budget.

“The Government must prioritise innovative ways of selling off properties on ghost estates,” he said earlier this week. “I suggested to the Minister that incentives, such as tax concessions should be given to returning emigrants, many of whom would be happy to be able to come back to their roots.”

Oh thank God! I thought I was gonna have to stay in exile here in OZ for another few years but now it looks like I move back and live in a ghost estate in longford. Not only do I get to move home but I also get to sign my Son up as a debt slave to the banks. Where do I sign? :-GC

ps: If its not in the Tuam Herald it can’t be true :smiley:

i particularly like this in the comments section of that article, typical brit take

Tina writes…‘Send some of the people to Ireland(from UK) (particularly asylum seekers who do not have roots in this country) and give them animals to start farms…’

Read more: … z16NBQ8NW0

James Bannon is sharing a brain cell (the only one he has) with the two ponies in an earlier picture on this thread. Forget the ghost estates, the Albert Reynolds fawning, the traveller feuds. The true indictment of Longford is that the people continue to elect this muppet. He’s the country’s single greatest argument against the current electoral system.

Not much makes me laugh, but thank you :smiley: and I’d hazzard a guess its a time share arrangement with Peter Kelly TD too…

He has all the qualifications required to be the next Michael Finneran with whom he shares/shared a constituency most of his life.

more proof if anymore proof were needed that this government have consistently bolted the stable door after the horse has fled,
now the poor ponies cant get back in and decide to move into the des res down the road…