Ghost estates on Streetview (Prize for the best photo?)


Now that Google have launched Streetview Ireland, can we start driving around the country getting pics and locations of ghost estates?

To get us started: Ballymacoda, Co Cork
The Meadows, Midleton:
Carrickglass Manor, Longford: :sick: :open_mouth:
Abhainn Glass, Edgeworthtown:

Elm Park, Dublin



Looks even worse from this angle! … 02411&z=19



Looks terrible.

I remember reading an article fro kevin Mcloud (Grand Designs fella) in 06 saying how Ireland had become bland and not pretty with all these eyesore developments around


I know that 2pack tried to get this going, but we really should be trying to document some of this.

If we even got 100 people doing 1 estate each, we would have an excellent visual resource of the ghost estates of Ireland.

Who’s up for it?


Tips. You roll along to your Ghost Estate and then use the compass feature top left to swivel the camera at it. The pics are sometimes outta synch so double click on the < > arrows along the white line that follows the road to go a few up and a few down the road until you find the perfect image.

Soon as you have it bang on you press SEND top right. This generates the LINK

Copy Everything that pops up in the SEND box except the < at the beginning and the > at the end

Paste it in here like

Bun na Coille aka Coill Árd, Moycullen , Co Galway … 73.25,0,5


Bun na Coille aka Coill Árd, Moycullen Co Galway

On the same road this shows 2 Ghost Estates across the road from each other.

  1. Árd na h-Aislinge, Moycullen County Galway on the left

  2. Gort na Coille, Moycullen County Galway on the right


an that be classed as a ghost estate?!


I posted this link in the piston already. It’s a ghost street as opposed to an estate:

Killegland Street, Ashbourne , Co Meath (The Halifax is gone by now too.) … 1,0,10.52


Kerdiffstown Court, Sallins, Kildare


Coill Bhruachláin, Moycullen County Galway

Unknown Ghost Estate Spiddal County Galway


quick drive around tallaght

ghost apartment blocks and commercial


Smiths Road,Charleville


An Leac Lian Barna County Galway ( aka Cuil an Ath Cul an Aith , Cúl an Áith, Leac Linn :slight_smile: )


Pike Farm, Charleville

Empty Commercial buildings


Knockane Road, Monagea, Co. Limerick


All these links are low res with not functionality?

I’ve used street view via google maps but as I said these direct links do not seem to pass on the same interactive functionality once clicked. I’,m looking at static low res unresolved Jpegs :astonished:


newcastle co. dublin


All high-res here. You on a mobile?


takes about 30-40 seconds to load but works for me.


Glengrove, Charleville Road, Killmallock Co Limerick


No 30MB fibre… :angry: