Created by the 'pin user, Nemonoid, this is an intriguing possibility to document the worst outcomes of the bubble on the internets…

Go check it out, contribute and develop…

Originally launched in this here thread…


Thanks TUG.

I, like many others, am facinated by these places. I think they may well be a reminder for generations to come of the madness of the last few years.

I’ve seen many a Ghost Town in the South Western US but with those places it was something tangible, like gold or silver deposits, that they sprung up around and people actually lived there at one stage. Not here though, and at least in the US nearly every ghost town I seen had a Saloon :smiley:

Any suggestions on the site are welcome and appreciated. Plus if anyone has already uploaded pictures to Flickr or the like and doesn’t fancy uploading them again, just drop me the URL or post them here and I’ll look after it.


I’ll wager the google ads would be only fascinating :nin


Funny thing is, for all the logic and words on the pin, casual readers may not see the wood for the trees; or may even write the contributors off as a minority of nerdy self interested cranks. I wonder if this ghost estate site may be turn out to be the real pin?

I can see a forest of green flags appearing and the photos behind them becoming highly persuasive evidence…


Good point. Seeing is believing


As George Harrison would have said, my sweet lord…

The 'pin is a forum and therefore is not meant to convince anyone, it is but a conduit for discussion and is an amalgamation at the very best of the views that the posters express.

Ghostestates, is a very interesting development and kudos to Nemonoid for getting it off the ground, it will be a very visual representation of some of the really negative outcomes of the bubble that the 'pin was established to discuss.


I take your point TUG. But the name ‘property pin’ seems quite functional on the face of things.


The original tag line, was: “Making a point at the top of the bubble”…

I took that to mean, you could make any point you particularly wanted… It was just unfortunate that the bubble did in fact burst about three mths later… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s still a forum though…


I look forward to placing flesh on the bones of these stories.

Vacant housing double in Ireland

Over 266,000 homes lie vacant nationwide.

One in six homes in State empty - CSO

Thousands of our homes left empty on Census night (Sligo)

Leitrim full of empty houses.

One in four Mayo houses are empty.

A warning from deserted ghost estates.


Extraordinary !

Will they end up as public housing ? Or maybe the new post bubble Paddy Kibbutz - now there’s a thought !

Of course the wrecking ball could beat all comers to them…

Target practice for the Shoebox Demolition phase ! :smiley:

Good idea Nemonoid.


Glee? :cry:


Poor old Longford is starting to look a little bad on that map…

Time some of you others got your cameras out to restore some much needed balance!! :wink:


I think there should be an option to scroll the text by county, it can get a bit tricky when the likes of Longford gets overpopulated (no chance!!) in the future… A dropdown menu or something would be good…

EDIT: Also force people to date pictures on upload???


Humour. FFS. :cry:


Tsk tsk… :stuck_out_tongue:


The date field was already stored, just not displayed. If the photo has EXIF information the date given by that will be displayed.

I’ve added the ability to zoom by county on the map which also gives a text link to all estates from that county. I’ve also reorganised the main album page by county. Counties without any images will not be listed.

I have to give a big Thank You to ThePartysOver for all his great work on the images.


hey some of the photos are really small can that be adjusted?


For some of my photos, that’s my fault for taking crappy photos on my mobile phone!
Wasn’t really kitted out with the correct gear for a photo shoot that day :slight_smile:

May get some better quality photos if I’m on another ghost bus tour and if I do I’ll replace the poorer quality ones.

Would love to get some new Carrigglas snaps - I’d say the place is getting really overgrown now with the arrival of summer. Unfortunately the security has been stepped up massively so there’s no chance of getting in there again :frowning: Nearly caught by security the last day!!


Great idea! I took a few pics in Portlaoise this afternoon - Maryborough Village and Bellingham. I’ll sort through them later and send them on.


I’ve registered with Ghostestates so I’ll upload the pics when it’s activated. I was wondering how to give you the geographical location. Would the planning files help? They’re here:

Maryborough Village … ile=031241
This is vast and was almost completely dark when I drove though a couple of months ago. Things seemed better on Sunday afternoon - a few cars around, but I only saw two people in half an hour. The Council is now offering affordable housing there.

Bellingham … ile=061212
This is not yet completed, but one section looks finished and quite habitable. The houses went on sale a year ago, off plan, and what’s there now flew up over the last few months. It is still completely empty, but perhaps there is still work to be done - anyone else know? There wasn’t a soul there on Sunday, and the showhouse wasn’t open.

Fingers crossed no sidescroll

V. rude of me not to say hello and introduce myself, apologies. Will pop over to the introductions thread tomorrow. Love the Pin - saves me from myself on a daily basis.