Wonder who fecked 'em?
Usual shower I suspect. db


Was doing a triathlon in Connemara this weekend.

Came across a fully built moth balled estate in (very rural) Carna on my cycle.

I have no idea how long they had been built but they looked all set to move in if the place wasn’t all boarded up.


It would be useful if the Ghost Estates site contained some commentary, similar to that which appears in the thread.


Just been around this estate today
which is in Rosses Point, Sligo - very disappointing location and I don’t know why they rave about it! Anyway, I would say that fewer than 10% of houses were occupied - and it was a very big estate of probably more than 70-80 houses.

A passing workman told me that they were all (but 4 or 5) bought off plans 3 years ago (presumably by people looking to turn a quick profit) and it struck me very much as a ghost estate. Actually went into one of the detached ones and it had 4 wee pokey rooms upstairs each with an ensuite! I don’t care if it was in malibu, I still wouldn’t give 750k for it.


Talk to nemonoid but I think the idea is there would be no commentary, just pictures…


You wanna see a Ghost estate? Come to Dundrum. Have a look at Wyckham Point. And believe it or not they are still building more. And a few hundred meters away, beside Dundrum shopping center they have just completed another apartment block. This is empty too. What’s your bid on 200 apartments beside the Luas? No bids? No Bids? No one? You there the man at the back with all the jewlery, what’s your bid? 10 Euros to graze your horses? Done.


Did ya miss us Bertie! :laughing:


I personally think the whole “No Comment” idea is best, some of these estates could be home to people after all and I think the images speak for themselves.


Mind you you could try having a sniff around while you were there . … ing28.html


This is another problem with the ghost estates (and section 23 in general)

The vast majority of the houses are buy-to-let - the tax break for a landlord is twice the tax break for an owner-occupier.
The market for potential tenants in Section 23 country is so small that the landlords will accept anyone.
Hence the events of today and a lot of anti-social behaviour in other estates I know of.

This means the appeal of most of these estates to owner occupiers is next to zero.
All of which would have been fine if the arse hadn’t fallen out of the “rent to building workers” market but now that’s happened there is no investor demand either.

I’d imagine three landlords in the midlands have a headache tonight - at least their tenants paid the rent, wherever the money may have come from. Won’t be easy to find replacements.


Seeing as I can’t make the protest in Dublin. I’ve been thinking about how I could make a contribution for if BB would choose to use it.

So I took advantage of the good weather and started to take some video of the ghost estates around me.

It’s just simple “drive by” video of rows of houses, about 2 minutes unedited so far.

If anybody could contribute more it would be great. Depending on access either “drive by” or panning along. The idea is to show house, after house, after house, empty.

It doesn’t need to be high quality as it will go up on youtube, I just used the video function on my digital camera.

Once the footage is edited together the idea is to add audio of Country Tom telling us how we need to be building more houses etc. :unamused:

That’s were I could do with some help, you would think it was easy to find Tom telling us we need 50,000 houses a year etc. but I’ve spent the afternoon trawling through the bubble radio thread trying to find the appropriate bits, so far without success. The problem is that I can’t find the relevant bits archived. If anybody has links it would be great if they could PM me with them.


Some Empties


Very good, AnotherIreland! Scarey stuff - where was it, by the way?
I must take a few videos or photos round here - there are many empty or quiet building sites and estates and strangely enough even single houses that seem to have stopped, if not quite abandoned yet.


Anywhere and everywhere it seems :frowning: . Whatever about the financial costs I worry about the long term social costs of all these unfinished estates.

It is very spooky wandering around them. I wouldn’t fancy being a child going on a trick-or-treat expedition around these places tonight.


It seems like the google maps api is borked on Ghostestates at present


I’ve no problem? -


Thanks for that. Fixed now, I’d made some changes to the Apache config the other day and left out the redirect from which is the registered domain for the API key!


Remember the movie “Suburbia” about a gang of punks living on a ghost estate?


The showhouse at Sli Corglass appears to have been burgled - everything cleared out. Also the ceilings are cracking due to some sort of leak.
How long till these places start falling in.


Yes, I remember this movie :slight_smile: