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I’ve witnessed city centre apartment disappear out of the normal residential letting market to the Airbnb vacuum seemingly never to return and the timeline very much tallies with such articles as this one from 2015 in - “Airbnb hosts: ‘We’ve been making the housing crisis worse’”


It’s disgusting that the government do nothing about Air BnB but have banned uber outright- its exactly the same thing except Air BnB has inflated city centre apartment prices and cut rental supply to crap that only south Americans in bunk beds can afford to rent.

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There’s a taxi lobby, but no tenant lobby.
I used Uber in America last month.
Excellent service and less than half the price of a regular Irish taxi.
We need it here.


I used airbnb in Melbourne a while back, great price and better than all but top hotels…do we need it?


If there wasn’t a supply issue, people would have no problem with it.
Anyone who has ever had to travel for work knows that after two weeks, hotels get unbearable.


Were you insured while you were in the Uber car? Irish taxi’s pay a big insurance premium would the same premium on an Irish Uber car make it worthwhile to do it for a few hours a week?


They have Nama loans and AIB to offload. Can’t do anything till then.


I was insured.
Insurance companies cover for Uber as a supplement.
However, you are only covered when the driver’s app is on.

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Big numbers for a place with a small population, interesting comment:

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I have no problem with Airbnb if used to rent a room you have spare. The problem is that Airbnb has displaced huge numbers of low/irregular income renters in central parts of most EU Cities now…a landlord makes more money from renting Airbnb for 4 months in summer than they would to an ordinary tenant all year round. In Galway you have a lot of 8 month contracts (October to May) and then you are out for the summer, perhaps this is the new normal all around.

Dublin has gone completely nuts now, only a good crash will solve anything soon…perhaps shortly after Brexit.


Neither do I but there’s also a significant number of tenants renting the spare room on airbnb.
Their rent can’t be increased. They can’t be evicted. They are profiting on the rent and only sharing when they want to rather than with a full time room mate.


Don’t think anyone has a problem with that, given that’s what Airbnb was originally about. Rent out a spare room, or the air bed in the living room, or by all means the whole place for a few days here and there and get some money in.

But not the whole place always and exclusively.


Appently it walks like a duck…


But does it make any difference ?
If I set up TPP Taxi Company, the drivers still have to comply with Irish law.
Am I wrong in thinking the issue with Uber is the driver, not the company ?


Don’t mess with Spanish Taxi drivers. No joke.


Uber has to comply with Irish employment law too, though. If the drivers are employees, then they get certain rights, Uber can’t just call them self-employed and wash its hands of them. If Uber is a taxi company (step 1), then the drivers are taxi drivers and so employed by Uber (step 2).