Gig/'Sharing'/Rentier economy/Airbnb effect


I think this is just further highlights part of the attraction of the message of many of those who support Brexit or Trump (as the most obvious examples within the Anglo-sphere).

The globalised economy to include the free-movement of everything across borders benefits some, generally those in positions of economic influence (in the case of Airbnb, landlords etc) and damages those with less economic influence ie renters. Mass movements of both tourists who will rent entire properties on a short-term basis and migrants who are willing to sleep 6 or 8 to a room are quite clearly a more lucrative option for a landlord than a young civil servant or Engineering graduate whose entry-level salaries don’t extend too far.

Such issues are very real concerns for many people but when aired publicly tend to be discarded by the same exploitative vested interests as the ramblings of racists or loonies. However, while some hear claims to close borders as metaphor for a form of xenophobia or racism, others simply hear a call for a return to a time when having a home or even a secure job wasn’t beyond the reach of ordinary people.

There will come a point when all this will come to a head either through public unrest or the rise of some form of new politics. Its already happening elsewhere. As noted on this site over the years with regard to numerous other topics, Ireland is not different.

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beware car sharing and all other sharing ‘innovations’. It isn’t really ‘sharing’ when you don’t share ownership is it? Its all well and good when the means of production and income generation keep getting concentrated. … ?r=UK&IR=T


Time to stop calling it the ‘sharing’ economy

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When/if self driving electric cars become the norm if they aren’t on par in terms of cost of ownership and getting your lift via an app then we are into rentier distortion territory that the average joe just doesn’t come out best from.

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The race to the bottom was quick and brief


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Isn’t this just temping via an pp?


Yep, just like airbnb is just short term accommodation. In a time where work is being casualised its ominous. Airbnb is the proof that this is a bad turn.

These things might be fine in a time of high job security and high home ownership and affordable rents. But it compounds these issues and divides society.


Airbnb to report homeowners’ income to Danish tax authorities


It’s only a solution if demand doesn’t respond to increasing supply. Supply creates demand.

If Dublin had 10m people living in it, would property be more affordable?


Unless you’re planning to “do a Merkel” and import millions of migrants, supply will eventually satisfy demand.


Big densely populated first world cities arent affordable


Ireland is different, the population of the country isn’t large enough to put 10 million in the city; see the caveat I put next to my comment.
Look at the Chinese ghost cities for example, you need a surplus population to fill them and a reason for people to want to move there.

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My guess is that there is widespread tax issues in this sector. Could fund a large part of any giveaway budget in the next few years

Airbnb hosts in Ireland face Revenue crackdown
Agency is investigating tax affairs of homeowners who have let rooms through the site … -1.3525942


Airbnb set to hand over hosts’ names to Revenue … -1.3624515

Seems to be the M.O. for these “disruptive” internet businesses. Skirt the rules to capture market share. Once they have the market (and marketable value), they get in line with the local laws and regulations to ensure longer term viability. And the hosts have the liability.


Shocked couple find hidden camera in Airbnb … 31436.html

Creepy :neutral_face:


Hopefully, Revenue will share information with planning authorities regarding AirBnB’s without change of use planning. Oh, this is Ireland :angry: