Gig/'Sharing'/Rentier economy/Airbnb effect


I wonder will this help increase the number of long term lets.


Could be worse, Could be on proadcasting live to the world.


Possibly, but government revenue is north of €60bn.

I doubt that evasion on airbnb is all that much by comparison.


Revenue warns Airbnb hosts they are liable for tax … -1.3633189

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Contract to contract gig work - no wage increments or other benefits, no way to join a union if you work for a different place every 3-9 months etc
Using the US as an example of where things go when work is insecure but seemingly plentiful - … since-1969

Unemployment lowest since 1969 when wage growth was over 10%
& Inflation was around 6% … 1960-1969/


Renting out a room commercially (not in Rent a Room scheme) also has CGT implications?


Are there any tax implications of hosting students on an ongoing basis?


The Rent a room disregard rate is fairly generous. You’d want to be having two or more students 48 weeks of the year at the usual going rate (which is between €150-€190 per week incl breakfast and evening meal) for the revenue to take interest. I’d have one neighbour who exceeds that income threshold but I would say it’s pretty rare and the costs of chasing such cases is probably not worth it to the authorities.

Would you like to share your home with a revolving door of disparate teenagers for that length of time? I personally don’t know how she does it other than it must be a necessity given her personal circumstances.

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With Short-Term Lets as Neighbours, It’s “like Ibiza here”, Resident Says


Crowdfund to rent out those airbnb sh*tholes and then make them uninhabitable. Direct action is the only thing that works when you can’t rely on laws - That guy in the story put in so much work and the council did nothing.


I’m so glad they did.
Found a discrepancy in the other half’s P60 and the revenue owe us.


What does HAP and rent income supplement do to rents. I have not done the advantages and disadvantages of this, it seems to put low paid full time workers at a disadvantage if they can’t get a supplement. Regarding the Airbnb business, this is a relatively labour intensive business to run, all the waiting around and cleaning up and waiting. Then you have to pay household charges, water, waste, heating, esb,insurance and a premium of 15 per cent fees to Airbnb, nothing very much left. We need everything to solve the housing people shortage. Everything.

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How Estimates of the Gig Economy Went Wrong [paywalled]

The Gig Economy Is a Big Nothingburger

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Is this the commercialisation of everything via the gig economy or is it the generation who grew up with smartphones and saw everything including hard core porn from a young age? or a combination?


Just in Dublin on a single one of those sites there are over 2,000 women, mainly in their 20s and even late teens offering themselves as prostitutes (sorry “sugar babies.”) Most of them include pictures of their faces. When you count the numbers engaged in other forms of sex work, it’s a pretty shocking figure for a city with this size of population in a supposedly wealthy “progressive” country.


It has been widely reported than young people are less promiscuous than previous generations.

The more likely explanation is that they really need the money.


It’s not unknown for sites to create fake profiles to bump their stats.


if thats the case then the examples in the rental market in sydney and other places in Australia is alarming - i.e bed sharing!!