Gillian Bowler - looked incompetent on TV

She could not look at the camera (small edit) and waffled about no comment, no comment. She looked fair incompetent on the news tonight. If thats the best these banks can put in front of the camera then we are goosed.

I thought she looked a little bit like Ken Dodd.

She was very successful in the travel business. She’d have been better off are chairwoman of FAS. It was a good idea to take a corporate lawyer along to a meeting on the future of Ireland’s third largest bank between a barrister and a travel agent.

It’s all a bit Alice in Wonderland.

Where were her sunglasses?

She could have done with them, perhaps she hasn’t been getting much sleep lately or something, but her skin didn’t look like a great ad for sunshine holidays!

She looked like Harry Rednapp after his team concede a goal


David Went is/was one of the greatest wafflers and bullshitters I’ve ever encountered.
Insufferable anecdotes that everyone in his company has heard a million times, cue guffaws all round.
I’m pretty sure it was his idea to bring Bowler onto the board and I assume his idea to propose her as chairman.
Maybe she laughed that little bit louder and flattered the old windbag.
I had a good block of shares in IL&P some years ago but sold them when they appointed Bowler chairman.

She is grossly out of her depth in this deadly serious game at the moment.

From 2004

To me, Gillian Bowler looked upset, not incompetent.

I agree. You can see this here - … 8,null,230

With respect.
Mr.Lenihan should only act as mediator. The taxpayers have protected
the banks with the guarantee which expires Sept. 10.after which they
should be on their own…

There is no such reality as the “security of the banking system”.
There will always be banks.

He should ignore the threats of lawyers.Time is running out for
the current incompetent bank executives. No more taxpayers
money should be committed.

Let the stock market decide their fate.

Then we see the necessary mergers and acquisitions and control taken by
efficient productive bankers and the market economy will correct the
economic downturn…

Does following a “no comment” with an “I’ve got absolutely no comment on that” not suggest something! No? Okay.

I’ve seen people in worse shape in front of the camera tbh.

A very hostile performance from her, wondered why she had stopped to talk to the camera when it was obvious she was going to say next to nothing. She should have kept going…

Gillian Bowler as seen on RTE news Friday 28th November said

then she looked uncertain before adding apologetically …

I haven’t been able to check this. Is this true? It would be very embarrasing for her if it isn’t correct - on national news etc. Gillian looked she had heard this statement somewhere then seemed very uncertain once she had actually said it.

does anyone have the access to the relative capital ratios across Europe so we can help her with the facts?

Maybe the sunglasses had earphones in them?