Gimme Shelter - Building a Cabin

Somewhere to store beans and shotgun shells, but what are the planning constraints? Let’s assume it’s a ‘temporary structure’ - a timber building on groundscrews, with rainwater harvesting, off grid electricity, and a composting toilet. Totally off grid.

How much space can you build? Height limits? Anybody know?

This is a groundscrew, by the way.

A very long groundscrew.

Thanks Kate P for the info contained in your removed post. That is all in relation to an existing dwelling. I was thinking more isolated…

How is that interpreted? A bed, perhaps? A letterbox? A hat-stand?

On shed-like structures up to 25sqm:

Mind you, I suppose the plan is to build something and only live in it if the planning authorities cease to have power?

(If that is the case, it would be the end of civilisation as we know it!).

Might be better, if you have the space, the agricultural bit might be more useful?: … riculture/

So, you have your 50 adjusted acres of stony grey soil. You can build on it: … 813,en.pdf

Clearly if you are going to keep a crop of animals that require high temperatures and constant water, alligators for handbags for example, you will need solar power and rainwater…

Interesting stuff, Yog. More down the line of permanent structures, though…

I was picturing a large greenhouse area, so perhaps the timber building could be interpreted as a ‘potting shed’*, or changing room and canteen…?

*Not a ‘potting shed’ like the one found near Donard, Co. Wickla, I hasten to add.

If you have some land then:
“Type 4
A store, barn, shed, glasshouse etc. not exceeding 300 square metres in floor
area and not used for housing animals or storing effluent provided that the
total floor area of all Type 3 structures within the farmyard complex (or 100
metres of it) does not exceed 900 square metres;”
would be appropriate.

If not, you are limited to 25sqm without planning, subject to a remaining 25sqm of open space as the invisible wo/man previously posted :nin

Of course, you could always do something a bit mad. How much space do you have? Have you seen those circus trucks that are about container size? Could you build one of those (maybe with expanding walls and lifting roof) with built in solar and rainwater collector? The soil toilet would be a simple matter of having an augur handy…

That 25 sq.m. is for sheds etc. which are ancillary to a dwelling - and they are cumulative - if you have a garden shed already for example you should knock a few sq.m. off the 25.

Going for the Agricultural shed route is best

Land is not a problem, and while ‘a bit mad’ might be apt, I was thinking of something quite aesthetically pleasing. Lots of glass, slate roof, cedar walls, a veranda around the sides, double doors into a large glasshouse… I’m thinking that the core of the building - the bit subject to planning restrictions, could be quite ‘cosy’, but that the there would be lots of exterior space for life to spill out into. I have the materials, skills, and increasingly - the time, to build it but I want to be sure that it is within the law.

:bulb: Tropical fish!

hmmmm… very interesting.

Not sure about here but on a project I was working on in the UK I had to apply for full planning for a bicycle shed, dog run with rain shelter (for a blind employee with a guide dog) and waste compactor enclosure. All structures exceeded 2.2m in height but none could be described as habitable…the bicycle shed was one of those curved plastic things

Of course dey do tings proper dere

If I had somewhere like that to store beans and shotgunshells, I’d keep them in the house and move out myself. And it’s not tropical fish I’d be keeping in the pool, either.

Why the antipathy of going to Planning btw? Are there planning restrictions in the area? To be honest if you are in any way serious about it then there is no real point in playing silly buggers with Planning.

Because they always say no unless you have pebble-dashed piers fitting in with the local amenity and your are related to the planners brother who is also his aunt. Besides, it you have to get planning for it, it wouldn’t exactly be a secret beans and shotgun refuge in the event of societal collapse… “Dear Mr. Planner, my name is Coles Bin Laden, I’d like permission to build a Tora-bora style dormer secret bunker with waste treatment system and all associated groundworks…”

That hasn’t been my experience of dealing with planners.

Bean there:

What a party animal :laughing:

Superman, this is exactly my experience of dealing with planners.
There are (while not entirely or complete) generally corrupt useless self-serving follow the leader (i.e. their senior planner to ensure that they get his/her job) advice and are shite useless at doing anything useful.
I present as an example buildings on flood plains approved by Senior Planners!

My experience with planning is down south in Cork, Kerry, Limerick. I have personal experience of sever attitude problems.

I have also anecdotal experience of persons literally buying planing permission through handing over of cash amounts to the involved planners.
People have massive fear. They still have the keep your head down attitude. I litterlally hate the civil service who are responsble in the main for the planning process we have in this country.

By the way superman, what counties do you work in?

Instead of building, you could just buy one of these.
for around €5k or one of these


This thread could become a resource for anyone who would rather live softly upon the earth. You may not agree with that concept, or you may regard it as flawed, but in a corrupt state that tries to artificially maintain high property prices, high rents and uncertainty, I believe it has merit.

Was looking forward to this show, not suitable for the sheeple apparently :unamused: