Gimme Shelter - Building a Cabin.


sure you have no other options? A stove will heat up the whole house its passive, and could be quite flexible on location I would have thought.

you either need a hole in the wall or a balanced flue afaik for guaranteed fresh air makeup


Ok, will start checking it out again, as it would be great to have a different source of heat.


The problem with solar PV at latitudes like Ireland’s is that peak supply and peak demand are almost perfectly out of phase, particularly for domestic use. You need light when it’s dark (and the sun isn’t shining), heat when it’s cold in winter, particularly at night, (when the sun isn’t shining) and power for cooking and appliances when you’re at home, mostly in the early morning or the evening and night, when the sun is low in the sky or (you guessed, isn’t shining). Your daytime base load consists of little more than your fridge and freezer. You’d get a better return making sure you have low-power appliances.

Wind works best either when fed into a grid over a large enough territory to absorb local wind speed and frequency variations or else is coupled directly to some kind of buffer, such as a pumped storage hydro station. Either way, the supply-demand management is tricky, though not impossible.


Thanks for that info. and advice MoC. Do you know if there is an efficient way of storing any non-used energy from photo PV (eg. good quality battery) for use in the evening time?
Thanks to the dude too for the response.


If you don’t mind me asking, how do you find the scanhome? We looked into one last year but found them to be a little too expensive for what we were looking to build.


This quote and thread inspired me to read Walden, for which I am thankful as it is truly a beautiful inspiring book.


Thanks for sharing that dkin. It sounds as if I would like it too. Look forward to reading it.



some interesting projects on this show. … e/series-1


Not wishing to derail the thread but it fits with the idea of following ones dreams for a life home…


Another very inspiring quote! Thanks for that wii4miinow.


Great programme on BBC 2 now. It’s the Culture show but is about building cheap housing. Just finished talking to an Irish guy Dominic Stevens


That is amazeballoons!!! I want to make one. Amazing what you can do with time and relatively little money. Definitely looking into this for my Walden Pond dream.


Lots of previous threads on this forum mentioning Dominic Stevens. Worth a search.


Cheers Coles. First post I have seen on him. Very interested to read up more on his ideas. Fair play to him.


‘Sheltermaker’ tells students how to build homes without a mortgage, - IrishTimes

Inspiration Homes.


Tip o the hat to you Coles. I love this stuff!


Great links, Coles. So sick of trying to find a home that doesn’t cost me every penny and every minute of my life to repay, it’s very heartening and inspirational to read about what these good people are doing. Feck mortgages and the day job!



Thanks, did the search. What really impressed me in the brief interview they did with him on the programme was how simple and rustic the materials he used in his house were. When we were building our house I got into reading too many home and design magazines , which only include costly, new and perfect materials. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see someone who used lots of very basic and inexpensive finishes and yet created something lovely and homely.