Give empty houses to diaspora, says TD … 73686.html

I don’t think even the Westboro Baptists would like Ireland.

Possibly the most useless editing ever. Does he mean that the diaspora ( who I always imagined to be useful as opposed to blue rinse) should get free holiday homes?

And the religious fundamentalists… What was that about?

I’m going with Al Qaeda…

On a serious note, the diaspora he is speaking about are the mostly single, male emigrants to the UK of the 1950’s/60s.
Their abandonment in old age by the Irish state is deeply shameful. The UK government and Brent Council has for decades asked for financial help from the Republic toward the cost of looking after them, and repeatedly been snubbed.

Utterly focking Bizarre in extremis…

They don’t vote for Irish politicians therefore they get nothing.

I think I’d rather grow old and die with NHS care, even after Tory cuts, than alone on a rural Irish ghost estate, even if it was free.

Oh, and … if all public service pay from bottom to top was slashed by 95%, Michael Fucking D would still be an overpaid gobshite.

God save us all from the choice selection of morons we’re gonna be presented with, come the next election.

Front page of tomorrow Wall street journal not the main story on the mast head
Ghost story: Buyers start to eye Irelands desolate developments sorry no link

Populist and patronising…he’ll make a great President.

Not as whacky as you might think. Waterford already has a community of Amish. And Ballyhaunis Co. Mayo has the largest muslim population outside of Dublin complete with mosque.

If we legalised polygamy the mormons could repopulate those ghost estates pretty damn fast.

There are worse things in life than a house in Leitrim you know. Being 70 and living in a hostel in Kilburn would be one of them.
Being 70 and living on the streets would be another.
And from personal experience the NHS is not something I’d like to have to rely on for care.

Why not? Eventually, they’ll only be demolished anyway.

Some of the people featured here would jump at the chance to live out their days in Ballygobackwards as someone called it.

Not sure about the religious fundamentalists though. Does he mean the anti-abortionists or the AL Qaeda(ists)?

Or the Tallaght-ban perhaps…

… being relocated to Al-chav-istan.

Yeah but we’re not talking about a choice between that and the Mayo Clinic. Fast forward to 2015 Ireland… then compare.

Quite right. I have an elderly realtive living in England who, since having a stroke about ten years ago, has been looked after impeccably through the National Health Service and the British social housing system. A level of care, that I am quite sure he would not get in Ireland.

It is indeed a source of shame that the Irish government has not contributed to the cost of care for the thousands of infirm Irish living in the Uk and reliant on its social services for a decent life.

Didn’t these guys pay their taxes to the crown? They should be treated the same as a British born taxpayer in that case, not sure why Ireland should pay unless they paid PRSI.

Squat the lot!

Thats true but given the weight of numbers involved I dont think it unreasonable that the Irish state contribute, or should have when we had the money at least.