Giving them away

As the boom began to fade, there were all sorts of incentives to keep property moving (at exhorbitant prices), from free cars to appartments in Bulgaria. The latest wheeze is 2 for the price of 1.

Why they don’t just ask for 50k for each of them?

I would love to see this idea spread to other areas through the media…it will force a lot of cash onto the mkt…

Same story in the Daily Mail with visuals … -free.html

Here’s another crazy sales idea to help Brendan McGlynn shift these properties - why not get builder to FINISH the dwellings before moving on…"?

I remember watching the news in the 90s and seeing an EA having to do this in Birmingham I think. I couldn’t believe it at the time.

Enoch Root wrote ‘Why they don’t just ask for 50k for each of them?’
Because then the value of the house wouldn’t be 100k, which is the fantasy they want to maintain.

Two for the price of one doesn’t just work with soap powder!!!

Enquiries are flooding in from around the world. People are even thinking of emigrating from Cork :open_mouth:

Which bank would you suggest he get the financing from to complete this task? :laughing: