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Heres probably this weeks first 350 casualties … e_id=15183

Thats over a 1000 jobs gone or soon to be gone in County Cork in 5 weeks or so

Drip , drip, drip - Ah well iat least we can all get jobs building houses and shopping centres

Dell warns cutbacks are on the way

Only a matter of days after returning as chief executive of computer giant Dell, Michael Dell has told workers that cutbacks are coming.

I think we’ll move this into the Central Bank thread, as it’s more a general economy thing…

This may be true but i have just been informed by a mate of mine who works in dell that the limerick factory has the cheapest manufacturing cost per pc for dell worldwide

To an extent this is true, however a company like Dell is always looking to shave a few more cents of the cost of production. The move to Poland will allow them to cut costs further. The net effect will not be the closure of the Limerick plant but the scaling back and halt to any future growth.

The plant in poland is being setup to supply the growing eastern european market. The plant in ireland is needed to supply the UK and beyond. Thats not to say there may or may not be job cuts but this what i am being told.

Reading between the lines there Holding On, it doesn’t look good. It can’t be that expensive or time consuming to ship PCs from Poland to the UK.

Pfizer cut 500 jobs in Cork.

The following text from an article on the Examiner
"Opposition TDs are blaming the losses on the Government’s failure to control rising costs for industries that are harming Ireland’s competitiveness. "

If they could only muster the courage and admit that this is because of our crazy house prices we could then at least start thinking of ways to address this awful situation from deteriorating further.

In the new global economy rampant house price inflation is like beating yourself over the head with an iron bar repeadedly and at length before stepping into the ring for a fight. Though it should be said that Pfizer had lost many lucrative brands of late.

Key point in Pfizer case:

With respect to the bandwagon hoppers - an indication of what they would do to control said costs, eg, price controls would make their yammering a bit more credible.

The question is - how many of our work force are actively doing the maths versus quality of life/cost of living/stress…I know I am.

Very good comment over at Finfacts … 9014.shtml

I see my company is mentioned yet again as on its way - it all started sunday with the below article … qqqx=1.asp

Frankly its been hillarious since then - the head honcos are away at a trade fair all week - wise move - the senior managment remaining said it was just a stunt to put the wind up Enterprise Ireland and the Gov to get the finger out - The Boss man has been commenting on declining competitiveness since 2000 - yet again this morning on Newstalk I hear we’re defintely moving to the Far East - and nobody upstairs is commenting on it.

Well, All I Know is that I have work (Firm orders ) until August - after that all bets are off . I thinK there is a perfect storm arising for those of us in the Semi-con , computer industry here - declining competitiveness , a strengthing Euro in a dollar denominated business, a cyclical downturn in the industry which has never fully recovered from the Dotcom meltdown in 2000 and raging competition coming from the Far East

Was looKing at some of the recruitment sites this morning - it is noticeable that over the last 5 months positions in my field (operations, logistics and planning ) have dropped off to nothing - if I want to stay here in Ireland its looKing liKe the public sector for me - time to start brushing up for those tests.

A pity that even Irish tech firms are considering relocation to low cost locations Ed. Please keep us posted.

I think this is scandalous. If there is such a lot of media speculation out there then I think it is only right the management call a meeting and clear the air.

Limerick packaging company closes with the loss of 80 jobs following the loss of a contract with Dell.

Frozen foods company to close, 350 jobs to go (RTE)

(A bad start to the week)

From RTE

There are fears for the future of 600 jobs at the Proctor and Gamble plant in Nenagh, Co Tipperary.

Workers have been told to attend a meeting at the plant in the morning at which the future of the company will be outlined.

In the meantime, they have been told to take the day off. The plant has been carrying out a global review of its operations in recent months.

AdvertisementThe company manufactures the Oil of Olay and Hugo Boss ranges as well as a wide range of other cosmetics and toiletries.

Independent councillor Jim Ryan who is Mayor of North Tipperary said there have been a number of rumours in recent weeks about the future of the plant and it is a very worrying time for workers.

From Forbes 6th March 2006 … 90265.html

But on the up side … … single7904

But it’s been previously announced.

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