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Will these companies who will bring in non-unionised workers from outside Ireland to do the work?



Ramp up the PRESS release boys! :angry:

#4884 … 92969.html


As for the road projects; they’ll both only run for about 2 years and the contractor is foregin so it remains to be seen if they take many off the dole queue.



Haven’t seen it announced anywhere but Ethicon are setting up a new manufactuing facility in Limerick - about 100 initially being hired. Johnson and Johnson med devices entity.


Xtravision announce closure of 20 stores; 120 jobs lost

Now to see if some nut job will acquire the remainder of these movie rental stores.


Full list of store closures … … itter_self

Looks like xtra-vision are becoming a rural-only operation.


Thank God for the shite broadband outside the pale 8DD


Bizarre, the one in greystones is an empty building, I always look in and I never see a customer there, same for Athlone, how the hell are they surviving?


This might be only the first round of store closures.

From one dying industry to another …

IN&M seeking 20 voluntary redundancies from news titles … -1.1385542


**Up to 10 furtherjob cuts at the Sunday Business Post. ** … 49972.html


Citibank Waterford to close by the end of the year with the loss of approximately 50 skilled jobs in fund administration.

They expanded back in 2010 -

B&Q closed in Waterford two weeks ago with the loss of 70 jobs. Waterford City getting absolutely hammered.


‘Many’ of Cost Plus Sofas 23 stores to close … =shortlink


280 jobs to go at Hewlett Packard’s Dublin office 220 are employees, 60 are contractors. The move follows the decision by client Barclaycard to move services closer to its customers in Portugal and Italy.
Ulster Bank to cut up to 1,800 jobs Ulster Bank announced up to another 1800 job cuts and around 40 branch closures under plans to return it to profit within the next 3 years.
90 jobs created in Dublin technology firms Four technology companies, who are clients of IDA Ireland, are to create 90 jobs in Dublin.
Deutsche Bank planning 1,000 new Irish jobs Deutsche Bank is planning to create up to 1,000 new jobs in Dublin when it sets up a new global centre for hedge fund administration here. … n-wexford/ EirGen Pharma is to create 30 new jobs in Waterford. Danone Baby Nutrition are to create 45 jobs in Wexford


Internet security firm to create 400 Dublin jobs … blin-jobs/


Examiner appointed to Homebase Ireland … e-ireland/


I’m being let go from my job in the private sector after five years continuous service. I received my written notice earlier this month within the 28 day time frame. However all is not lost. I am getting a healthy five figure redundancy cheque (€25k) and with no debts, no wife, kids, mortgage, or any other commitment, this is one happy squirrel.


:frowning: :slight_smile:

Are you going to spend it on booze and women? Or waste it… :wink:


Good luck! I’d advise you to put some of that money away somewhere safe, but seeing as how you’re a squirrel and all, I guess I’d be preaching to the choir.