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don’t make jokes like that. I know of a guy who spent his in the bookies office.


Indeed you are. I am considering a number of places to squirrel away my nuts. What would you recommend?


If you’re planning on having some taxable income and being liable for DIRT, the 5-year savings certs or the 4-year national solidarity bond don’t look too bad, assuming that everything doesn’t go to pot. A friend who retired last year bought some prize bonds and has had a few nice surprises. If you are worried about the government and Irish banks, some of the term deposits from rabo or investec or nationwide might be worth considering. The yield on bunds looks pretty pointless at this stage, unless you can commit the money for the long haul.


Cheers for that. The Prize Bonds look enticing. How many prize bonds did your friend purchase? I’m thinking of purchasing 160 prize bonds to the value of €1k.


I’m not sure - maybe he put 5K into them. He had a big lump sum on retirement.


There was a thread on somewhere about a guy with a rake of prize bonds tracking how much he won. Would be interesting to have a check what sort of rate he ended up getting back from them. Wasn’t great, I think.

Edit - here we go. Bought E25k worth 2½ years ago; has won E1,200. So about 2% interest, give or take. Tax free of course.


Equivalent to 3% gross at current DIRT; a bit less, time-averaging the rate over the whole period. Not too bad, all things considered.

Deposit rates for comparison here (the one useful thing on AAM).


Interesting but not enough to entice me to invest some of my nuts and acorns there. I had planned about 1k worth but the dividends appear too low for my liking. I expect interest rates to increase in the medium term. Leaving my savings in an Irish bank is matter I will consider. I may buy some physical gold.

Anyway some more terrible news from my home town. 80 jobs at stake there. … 33589.html

Not to mention that Waterford United Football Club are back in the High Court next Monday to prevent a petition for a winding up order to be issued against them. 26 jobs hanging in the balance.


I’d be inclined to think that Waterford Castle like a lot of places is trading OK but hamstrung by existing debt?


AFAIK, there are about 47 houses built on the island and only two of them were sold.

There’s also a ferry that needs to be up and running 24/7, that’s serious money.


Being reported by RTÉ that the IDA backed Big Fish Games is to close its Cork operation;



Seems to be part of a wider company restructuring; From VentureBeat



Blue Horseshoe


[*Heinz considers up to 250 job cuts in UK and Ireland * (


[*Cork-based gaming company to close with loss of nearly 90 jobs * (

EDIT: Just saw this was already posted


Kildare Village out of town shopping centre.
Claims of 500 jobs created.
120 during construction and 380 afterwards.

I say this is job number inflation.
They are adding 36 units and say 380 jobs will be added.
The 120 jobs in construction are by their nature very temporary.

380 jobs for the additional 36 units but back in 2006 when they launched it they only claimed they’d employ 250 people in the 58 units that were built at the time. … ening.html

What’s more they are not creating 380 jobs. they are displacing jobs. I know of boutiques in Tullamore which is some 50km away who have lost trade to Kildare Village.
beggar thy neighbour planning policies courtesy of naive planners who see a quick 640k dev. levies available and 250k rates thereafter every year. … -1-5076608
They claim that 629 are currently employed there. I’d suspect the majority are not full time employed.
The shopping centre already resulted in a shop in a neighbouring town shutting down and the clarks store in a neighbouring town is used by customers to size their feet before buying Clarks shoes in Kildare Village.


Was in a shoe shop last year and asked to have feet measured before seeing what to try on. But assistant told me we don’t measure feet no more - too many people were gettign measured and then going off without buying, he reckoned they were getting ready to buy off the internet.


That is a tough one for a shop to deal with, by playing that game the shop may loose out in the long run as they are not offering a customer service advantage over online shops.

They cannot stop it as the internet shows you how to measure your feet,

they might be better off by charging a nominal fee for foot measurements if you do not purchase a shoe, and try to out-do the internets on customer service.


Read more at globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. … kuT7C2y.99


This is the case in a lot of the jobs “created” over the last several years and announced to much fanfare…

They had a RIDICULOUS number of security people employed patrolling the pedestrian crossings anytime that I was there… it’s crazy why pedestrian and vehicular traffic have to cross each other in the design implemented… they should pull the main car routeway to the back of the site. I felt so furious about it (and the associated delays and apparent dangers) that I actually sketched out what I considered to be a more appropriate alternative and sent it to the management company a few years ago… never heard anything back from them though… hopefully they will improve it in the new design/implementation…

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And the region as a whole continues to be neglected when it comes to job creation initiatives.


Topaz announces 50 jobs. I sincerely doubt it. … 24544.html

So planning permission hasn’t been got yet for one station.

I remind people that Topaz is part owned by the Bold Denis O’Brien.

I remind people that in 2011 Topaz pounced on Jobbridge and were advertising service station internship positions around the country.

Still let them get on with it. In 10 years time most households will be considering buying plug-in hybrids or pure electric cars as a second car and the volume of petrol and diesel sold on the forecourt is going to plummet and with no reason to buy petrol or diesel the reasons to buy overpriced convenience food at these service stations will diminish greatly.