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**Twitter **to create **100 jobs **in Dublin over next 15 months:

“Travel company TripAdvisor is to establish an engineering hub in Dublin, creating at least 50 jobs.”: … -1.1544942

“Technology firm **Qualtrics **expects to create up to **150 jobs **in Dublin within three years, based on current growth trends, as it opens its first international office in Dublin.”: … -1.1542514



What is Ireland’s unemployment rate?

13.6% or 13.4%

Eurostat says 13.6% … -AP-EN.PDF

CSO says 13.4% … ug2013.pdf

That’s just under 6000 difference.

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This isn’t a job loss just yet but if Merck employ 2000 here then potentially 200 will lose their jobs.
Maybe they’ll replace them with jobbridge like they tried before.


adrian weckler with a thought provoking article on the new twitter jobs, dont get me wrong corpo tax is still the big factor at play but I think Ireland is being seen as offering other advantages such as an openness to doing business. … 30524.html


But this is about Michael Jackson… :question:


74 jobs gone in Honeywell in Waterford City today. Those remaining have seen their hours slashed.


Facebook moving to new offices, “set to create hundreds of new jobs”: … 12477.html


Deutsche Bank to create 700 jobs over next 3 years: … sche-bank/


Nestle to creat 95 jobs in Limerick and Dublin as part of “youth work experience” initiative: … xperience/

Ryanair creating 300 jobs: … xperience/

Acorn Marketing 100 jobs over next 5 years: … -1.1584543

Job site Indeed creating 100 new jobs over next year: … -1.1590979


400 jobs gone at Airmotive in Rathcoole.

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Eircom announces 830 job losses.
first round. 2000 in total

Government didn’t know they were doing the right thing but they actually were when they sold Eircom all those years ago.
830 much less 2000 redundancies is politically unpalatable that no politician would have ever allowed the job cuts be made. Governments would have fallen on account of this company.

A family member still has Eircom shares(vodafone now) and they are only worth a fraction of what they paid for them.


Indeed, I find it hilarious that Eircom is put forward as a botched privatisation. The Government made out like bandits for a company with no future, it couldn’t have gone better, really.


Not so sure about that. I bought the max amount allowed and I’d say, with the increase in the Vodafone price allied to the annual dividend payment, I might actually be ahead . Anyone know for sure ?


not when I checked the shares on behalf of family member. shares were worth about 380 with about 70 to 80 quid cash in charge and family member said they paid 1000 for the shares in eircom originally. perhaps they got other payments along the way.


Not quite, announced last year, 800 all ready gone, this is the next lot. Most seem to be voluntary / early retirement.

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how can subway which operates a franchise arrangement guarantee 400 jobs?
10 staff per shop would seem to be overkill.
A subway franchise isn’t cheap.


I wonder how many jobs will be lost in the competing food outlets?

The Subway chain has been growing really quickly over the last number of years, but for the head office to ‘have plans’ for so many extra outlets I presume they are lowering the cost of buying into the franchise? Maybe not? Other franchise holders might not be happy, but with only about 100 shops there is probably still room for growth.

Good for the consumer if it lowers prices, but bad news for anyone in a competing business.


MSD to close Swords plant by 2017 - 570 jobs expected to go … ob-losses/


Knowledge economy me arse, you won’t see Inda the Gombeen around Swords on this one