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First story on the RTE 9 news tonight - almost 600 jobs going at MSD in Swords.

Second story about 358 jobs in jeopardy at A-Wear. … -receiver/

not likely to be good news




Confirmed, 150 jobs gone in Pfizer … book_short


I know a ‘management bloke’ there - serious possibility of bad days for the culchies there. Is this Healy Rae’s locality?


German companies don’t have time for this. Their first hand experience of industrial relations are through works councils who generally aren’t as adversarial as union dominated companies.
I was listening to our works council meeting during the week and it was very much a case of “this is what we have agreed with the company, here are impediments, here is how we are going to achieve our desired goals”, not “Strike, Strike, Strike” which appears to be the blunt instrument in use in Industrial Relations in Ireland.


Way to go SIPTU! Well done!


Glanbia creating 90 jobs: … -1.1626805


Great news for Limerick:

"An American drug company is aiming to create 300 new jobs in Limerick as part of a proposed €217m investment.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is taking over the site of the former Dell factory at the Raheen Business Park in Limerick, which closed in 2009.

If the company secures planning permission to transform the 12-acre site, construction will begin next year employing 600 builders on the project." … 17513.html


Irish tech firm Intune runs out of money; Second high-profile collapse in 2013 -> … 7903.shtml


150 Technology jobs at Liberty Mutual in Dublin: … -1.1632930


Closure of Lufthansa Technik Airmotive confirmed


That makes me especially sad. High value jobs which were won on an international playing field have been lost and the qualifications of the workers will expire if they don’t continue to work. I hope the employees who have valuable skills get work elsewhere but they’ll probably have to emigrate to find a similiar job.


Decent jobs too, by the looks of it.


8 made redundant on Friday (including me) from CSGI billing Galway.


Hard luck. I assume you weren’t expecting this as you have been house hunting recently.


Sorry to hear that


Such timing. Very sorry to hear that.


Hard luck :frowning:


This story is being recycled again. … 36489.html
180 stores leads to 1800 jobs supposedly.
subway don’t open the stores, franchisees open the stores.
I personally wouldn’t be interested in a store which requires 10(1800 divided by 180) staff to run. Open 7x16 hours I only come to about 3 employees if one member of staff is available all the time.
40hoursx52weeksx10employeesx€8.65= €180k is a lot of labour for a sandwich shop before a single gherkin is sliced.