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the gherkins come pre-sliced I believe :angry:


And how many other sandwich outlet jobs will these Subway jobbies displace. Profits will now be repatriated to the Subway mothership I presume.


I don’t believe it. I had a Subway ‘sub’ once in Cork airport. It was a most disappointing experience. Shit bread, sparse stale fillings, sullen service. The Ryanair in-flight meal of fast food…

edit: what I mean is they are so bad as to be a once only event.


Absolute slop. Subway was a place of last resort for me in the US, better than typical fast food, but still just something of dubious quality eaten with a hesitation. I can’t believe the Irish like subway. We make great sandwiches in our own cafes for similar prices. I think it might be down to the ‘sauces’. An Irish chain could surely offer a healthier alternative and variety of ‘sauces’. Subway is disgusting. Even their marketing is disgusting. ‘Subway foot long’. Food porn. Blech.


Incredibly bad food. Anyone who eats meat in a place like that needs their head examined.


The spicy italian isn’t bad!


I’ve nothing against the staff. Sound like you don’t neither :wink:


I was in Subway in Galway once. Asked for a roll with butter. They said they didn’t do butter as it was bad for me. White bread, meatballs and sauce and all the rest is perfectly ok though apparently. Went to the Centra across the way instead; never been back in. Amazes me how popular they are.


Subway appeals to the lowest common dominator. Subway food is generally junk with high sugar soft drinks, crisps, cookies, a foot of bread dough, crap cheese, junk sauces and frequently poor quality veg.


Interestingly,that Subway is closed now.
Building currently houses a fish and chip shop. :angry:


I dont understand why there are any customers in subway at all, the 6 inch is actually 5 inches and is more expensive than a full size roll in a supermarket deli, its such a pathethic looking little blob of dough. Also all their ingredients taste so weird, like rations that have been in storage for years or something, apart from the meatball subs when you’re in the mood for one it bears very little resemblance to real food, cant believe they push the health angle so much, nothing healthy in those shops.


this is a good boost for the cork area … 53528.html

it interesting that the same firm left 6 years ago for a low cost country but has now rowed back on this and come back.


How much in grants and State sweeteners is the company getting…again?


Abbott Laboratories to cut 78 jobs at Irish plants … oratories/


Paper thin … I like that, LI!
And in the one region with some decent job creation, Greater Dublin, the prospect of mad price and rent rises for housing - which will rapidly erode whatever recovery in competitiveness might supplement the tax breaks - seems to be regarded as something that our powers cannot or will not influence!


A synthetic rubber used in shoe leather and yoga mats apparently!

What else have they got in there!


If you’re into American style Deli sandwiches then the place to go is the Pig and Heifer on City Quay and Pearse Street. In the days when I used to eat bread I was very fond of this place.


18 months since last visit to Ireland. Big differences to the last time is mood, definitely past indignant. Plenty of Irish doing jobs that were previously filled by immigrants.

Now this is small town Ireland so no comment on Dublin/cork/galway. There is a definite despondency in the air, no sign of the media driven recovery mood.


Even in my own ‘home’ village - only 30 odd miles from ‘The Smoke’ - the much hyped recovery vapours seem much diluted and the local economy is banjaxed - and would be worse if there was not a bit of tourist and tripper trade.
There are no local jobs - it’s that simple!


I’ve got a fix on where my hometown economy is. The cafe i’m in played “hold me now” by johnny logan, was that 86?