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WIT’s ‘NetLabs’ centre to create 600 jobs by 2019: … 70913.html


Not that I take pleasure in anybody losing their job but society will probably be better off without these parasites.

Unforeseen losses force Irish Psychics Live into liquidation … -1.1720861


Ive been to a few data centre’s in the northwest and around DC that use fresh air circulation when the temperatures and moisture content are suitable.


I bet they didn’t see that coming


Unforeseen losses :laughing:


140 jobs to go from Largo Foods’ Donegal plant … egal-jobs/


Wonder will they repay all the grants they got from Údaras over the decades?


Think we all know the answer to that. :angry:


Answer on a postcard (as gaeilge) to …


Údarás na Gaeltachta were giving them 600k in February 2012 as they were letting 26 people go.

On 20th June 2011 they were giving them money and at that time they claimed to employ 190 people so 50 people have lost their jobs in the meantime at the plant.

Here in 2010 a Senator who happens to be in Údarás na Gaeltachta was looking for 40 additional jobs in Largo even though at the time the company was looking to reduce wages by 3.5% … protected/

This has been going on for a long time even back before Largo bought Irish Snack Foods … 80080.html
I assume the Coughlan mentioned here in 1984 is Scary Mary’s father.
The debate itself is a nonsense as they talk about incentivising local farmers to grow potatos when the local landscape in Gweedore and most of Donegal for that matter can be best described as “Rugged” and wouldn’t willingly take a plough.

It’s amazing how much money you can shake out of central government if you can make vague threats about job losses.
The money that has been pumped in by Údarás na Gaeltachta in to Donegal would have been better spent improving transport links through NRA to nullify Donegal’s biggest problem which is that it is so damn remote and inaccessible from the rest of Ireland and Northern Ireland. By-product would be that Donegal’s lamentable road safety record would be improved too.


Agree + 100%.
Another example here, where they have two chances of getting their/our money back. :unamused: … 0000-back/


Maybe Udaras should kidnap Mr. Tayto. Prefer Keogh’s myself.


Quite ironic really the amount of money pumped into a product that has such adverse health costs, particularly among the lower social strata. Talk about return on investment.


200 Jobs at Biopharma group Alexion: … -1.1748712


200 tech jobs at Ryanairs Dublin base: … -1.1748826


The curse of Long-Term Joblessness - Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev -> … sness.html


10,000 apply for 400 Defence Forces openings -> … 80653.html


Ethicon Biosurgery Ireland has announced plans to create 270 jobs in Co Limerick over the next five years. … -limerick/


Linkedin now employ over 450 people in their Dublin office and are looking for a new headquarters: … -1.1761648


Sorry for the much-delayed response, but this post swelled a sense of deja-vu in me I haven’t experienced for some time. I had almost the exact same experience 7 or 8 years ago, while living in Dublin at the time. I remember my mother coming to visit, bringing some letters for me which had been routed to their place. She also had a few newspaper clippings, one of which was for Abbott in Longford. Also being from Roscommon, it seemed to make sense for her to have such an opportunity on the doorstep, and I had to find some way to break it to her that it wasn’t a great fit for me. She began to understand when I pushed back on any of these opportunities, and I emigrated 5 years ago myself.

Very strange to see almost the exact same experience resonate with someone else, even down to the Abbott/Ros connection.