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Ericsson and SAP to create 380 jobs in Dublin, Athlone and Galway: … -1.1810652


Remember that with employers like these they won’t necessarily be reducing the unemployment figures as they import a lot of staff putting pressure on local rental supply.
The really high-end jobs won’t be sent to Ireland.
We have vacancies in my particular department at the moment but positions in my department in Ireland which became vacant very recently were not back-filled and will not be back-filled even though the department and roles span the globe and supposedly can be serviced from anywhere. The vacant roles will be filled in Germany.


Hmmm, they seem like reasnobly skilled jobs, and hopefully quite a number to be filled by graduates:

Think I’ll keep this one filed under “Good News”.


Knowing one of the compaines involved I’ll file it under “mixed news”.


Every silver lining has a cloud I guess.


Indian tech company Wipro to create 100 new jobs at Shannon: … ob-anc-14/

Emydex Technology to create 20 software jobs in Dublin: … -1.1812322


More visas more likely will be issued for Wipro
See them discussed previously here:

As I said before forget about headline numbers or multiplier effects; these multinationals import a lot of their skilled workers and put strain on the resources in the locality so it is mixed news rather than good news.

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Costs to blame. How much is a gaff in Waterford again? :frowning:


Really. No comment


No rampant surge down thataway either!
The ‘high cost’ centre had average income of about €35K PA - not much to ‘surge’ with anyway on anything much if you had a family to support. Their industrial peers in Dublin would not be on much more so are hardly fuelling the boomlet here.
And there was Noonan thinking house prices are still a bit too low!


According to this TD the redundancies were known but suppressed until after the elections.


Expecting a firesale of property within 2years in my own waterford city. May still not buy even then. Lot to be said for the 'freedom’of renting down here…things get batshit crazy bad then I can always up sticks without having to find a buyer for bricks and mortar before I do so.
Unemployment here was at 19% before today’s announcement. …funny that hadn’t featured in the sindo or 9.00 news anytime recently.


I’ve said it elsewhere but this is the first shot across the bows from an MNC sector no longer willing to put up with increased wage pressure caused by the spiraling cost of accommodation in our larger urban areas. To give you an idea how serious this is, a major pharma company have made representations to the government about this. If they are not scared shitless, they should be because we are completely & utterly dependent on the MNC’s now.

Bausch & Lomb are only the first. There will be more.


If the state worked as hard to slash the cost of living, as it does to increase them, then we could compete with overseas wages ***and ***enjoy a higher standard of living.


if they would just stop meddling living costs would be lower.


you’d have thought they’d have seen that coming…… :angry:



Employment in manufacturing sector rises at fastest rate for 15 years - -> … 26974.html

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#5040 … -1.1821883