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staff being jerked around here.
Headline from March with 250 jobs announced. … 03685.html

Headline now with 300 going … une-10.jpg


300 jobs gone in Galway … ware-firm/

The irony here is unmistakable. … -1.1822973


Three firms to create jobs in Galway and Dublin … lway-jobs/




The media jobs trumpet is not a barometer of anything other than the manipulation by the gov and their spinners.

The fix is cross platform.


Close thread so? Or just leave open for job losses maybe?


If we can report the ones that are not being reported on both sides then the thread is worthwhile. It seems that many large job losses during the early years of the bust were not being reported according to anecdotal stories I heard or at least buried.

Just look at todays bull about contracts while the HSE in total burns hundreds of millions. It’s interesting how contract law suddenly becomes so very important at times. A case of the lesser of two evils serving as a smokescreen.

#5048 … 33770.html




Microsoft to cut 18,000 jobs as part of reorganisation following Nokia acquisition - -> … microsoft/


Yes, close the thread - we can then call this the “Pindo”…


“Activation programmes thus account for a rise of 15,000 in the unemployed who are counted as employed.”

" ‘Self employed without any paid employees’ accounts for 29,000 while the number of the unemployed in activation schemes increased from 71,000 to 85,000 - - the number of unemployed classified as in ‘Back to Education’ courses was stable at 29,000 in March 2011 and 28,000 in March 2014." … 8004.shtml


Why do the 29k self employed jobs created not count as job creation?


you want to define them as in work qualitatively or quantatively?
Anyhow, not my article. Raise the topic with the Editor of


Unfortunately it looks like they are gone for good now.
No pay for last month from what I’ve heard.



Live in Carrick, been on the cards a while as have been slowly winding down for the last few years. No real alternative employment - no real recovery here.


Deloitte to create 638 positions across Island of Ireland … -1.1923105

I hate when Big Four jobs announcements are made. Mainly because they are simply replacing recently qualified staff (whose 3/3.5 year contracts have ended and will not be kept on as they don’t want to pay the 50K p.a.) with cheaper graduates on 21-23K p.a.

By my maths, this makes 738 not 638! Poorly explained article. Perhaps they are (correctly) not counting the 100 work placements and internships, which for the most part are unpaid and all of which are temporary.

At most it’s 100 new positions in the Republic. The 200 graduates are replacing the newly qualified, as I eluded to above


In the new global economy rampant house price inflation is like beating yourself over the head with an iron bar repeadedly and at length before stepping into the ring for a fight.