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Dealz to open 10 new stores and create 300 jobs … 25623.html

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good news as they are an Irish Company but they’re not big profit company. My next car hire for almost 4 days in November hired through cartrawler infrastructure cost me €24 in total. I don’t see much scope for big profit out of that type of a business. A company like that working on low margins can’t afford Dublin’s high office prices.


you got 4 days car hire for €24? Where?


time of year is important. November is a quiet month. is another cheap one
arguscarhire is cartrawler’s own frontend for the backend they sell to everyone else.
car hire is cheaper when you buy annual excess insurance which I purchased from for about 40 euro including a 10% discount for liking it on facebook.

Internet is a great leveller. If the Irish company can do something (B2C or C2C especially) well then they are just as able to prosper as well as a company anywhere else in the world as costs of delivering a service over the internet aren’t affected by Ireland’s remoteness or the high cost of living in Ireland. Unfotunately venture capital and funding isn’t as well developed as elsewhere in the world.
cartrawler appear to be a good example of a successful low profile Irish internet company.


Great synopsis. The problems of the irish economy since 1996 in a paragraph. One should almost write it on their hand to be used at will wherever political/economic subjects are discussed.


Only thing I’d add is where are the qualified’s going?

Into industry or other practices (where you don’t have to work till 9 at night or stuck down the country in hotels) i’d assume so overall the net workforce is increasing one way or another.

There is a ridiculous number of jobs advertised for accountants at present - I could possibly get 10 interviews in next few days if needed.


Many of the jobs are going to accounting service centres. We are english speaking, with relatively good education. A lot of people, the accentures and Kerrys of this world, have decided to put their accounting functions for EMEA into Ireland.

There are many funds resident in Ireland, and those financials get produced in Ireland. Mind numbing stuff. mediocre pay.

A lot of jobs, and there are a lot of recruiters who get 25% of the starting salaries. But many of those jobs are pure rubbish. And once you start working out the career path, and that the salaries won’t buy a semi decent house, unless you are married to another accountant, which happens a lot, then it doesn’t make sense economically for a life of boring. Or not for me anyway.


Accountancy jobs like that have become little more than jacked up call centres for excel jockeys.

Coincides with the push in the accountancy bodies to dumb things down in pursuit of big memberships.

Still by the time you gear yourself to the back teeth with btl debt for that nice little earner that turns sour, you can always give dave hall a call.

Me. I’d prefer if we all worked a 15 hour week by now as keynes predicted, rather than keep up the charades.


What is mediocre about the pay?

Most of account/financial accountant/audit senior headed jobs are €50k plus jobs.

There are many assistant manager/manager jobs too.

Of course there is some company’s offering €30-35k to qualified accountants but you hardly have to go down that route with 330 (non agency jobs) listed here alone ( … r=5&Page=3)

A whole 3 of those jobs are kerry emea and 1 for accenture - emea comes up in the search as 20 of them in total btw.

I wouldn’t even bother my hole looking at ‘recruiter’ jobs.

Plenty of decent salaries here
leinster.charteredaccountants.i … 202014.pdf

You just have to not be a lazy dope, with no motivation for career progression. €70k - €100k per annum is a realistic possibility for most.


I’d imagine that’s a lot more to do with paying for their fancy buildings and outrageous salaries.

And the current price of houses is hardly a good valuation to work back from.


Fidelity Investments 200 jobs Dublin
Supermac’s 100 jobs M18, Co. Clare. 75 temporary construction jobs will also be created as it proceeds with plans to develop a new motorways services area on the M18.
Aldi 25 jobs in the Elysian in Cork city and the reopening of its Longford store. … -1.2034046

Amazon - datacenter technicians, software engineers and customer support staff, 300 jobs Dublin
Calypso Technology 150 jobs Dublin
The City Bin Co 30 jobs Dublin
Zomato 40 jobs Dublin
Element Six 30 jobs Shannon
Iceland Foods Ireland 32 jobs Waterford

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In Tullamore as far as I remember O2 and Three outlets are right beside each other so even though locations have been announced I’d expect that is one of them.


EBay silent on possible job cuts in Ireland … -1.2075349

Not surprising, EBay has really gone to the dogs over the last decade



From a user’s pov.


INM journalists briefed on job losses … -1.2089702


Ladbrokes seeks High Court protection from creditors … -1.2183730


Nearly a quarter between loss announcements!