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Thousands of jobs were announced in that same period, I read of 130 today alone. Amazing how people on here seem to have an aversion to posting good news


It must be close to a quarter since you bemoaned the lack of posting by other people of things you want to see. It’d almost make one wonder why you just don’t post them yourself…


The company I now work for have been recruiting over the past few months with new starters almost every week.
With new joiners outnumbering leavers by about 4 to 1.


Ah yeah, must be me, sure the Pin is obviously well balanced in the posting of good news and bad.
You might post a link to that post of mine you mention when you get a chance.


Your own posts are quite relentlessly one-sided, so at least you are here to provide some balance.


Erm, it’s a forum, it’s not a news organisation… People post what interests them - it’s not a secret that unemployment is going down - see the unemployment thread. It’s not really novel anymore. What is novel is another bookies going bust. Personally, I would like to view it as a good sign, but I suspect it is all just going to mobile casinos and the like…

#5087 … erys-sale/
Clearys closes.

130 lose job directly and one assumes 330 in concessions lose jobs too.

I don’t blame the economy for this. I only partly blame the rise of the internet.
I blame the image problems of the street, inhospitability of dublin city centre and inaccesibility as the council appear to be intent on killing trade in the city centre.

Maybe the new owners will relaunch and it’ll be better than ever but they appear to be a vulture property fund.


Liberty Insurance announces plans to cut 270 jobs in Ireland … -1.2262648

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Grab One to close.

#5090 … 32227.html

Merry Chrimbo 8DD

#5091 … -1.2512325

3rd time around, first examiners, then receivers, now liquidators. HMV “unaffected” apparently but I assume it’s only a matter of time for them too…


Intel to cut jobs in Ireland, employees to get details next week … -1.2627982


The job loss story isn’t great. Very hard jobs to replace. If you’re a specialist, you’d probably have to transfer into something else or move abroad.

But we’ve done very well out of Intel in fairness.

There has been a lot of knowledge spin-off from Intel’s presence. Whether this knowledge stays here is another matter. But it’s fair to say that a lot of people (small/medium business owners, landlords, etc.) have done very well out of Intel.

Leixlip is a very unattractive place to live in as far as I’m concerned - the traffic is bad, the public services aren’t so good (schools, hospital care, public transport, public amenities, etc.) and the rents are very high. Personal tax is also very high. It would be difficult to attract high quality workers. Though non-EU folks like it here. They put in 5 years and can get an EU visa very easily.


Not that I would choose to live in Leixlip but if their facilities are poor, well that’s almost the whole of Ireland. Two train stations with a regular line, two Dublin bus routes, a few primary schools with places, two public secondary schools with a private one nearby. Two GAA clubs, an AIL rugby club, a running track, tennis courts (still there?), astro turf and soccer club, gyms, fishing, golf clubs nearby and kayaking.

What more do you require?


The yacht club is terrible.


On Intel, papers reporting 420-550 range of redundancies. What will go unreported, as ever, is the contractors. Might take 6 months to feed into system but it will have a big impact on rental and general housing market in North Kildare.


Something other than sport? Of the things you mention, the only ones that would have any value to me would be the public transport into and out of Dublin.

Still, I agree that Leixlip is probably no worse than any other small to middling town in Ireland (or indeed, most other countries in the developed world) and the fact that you can get in and out of the city for its amenities without absolutely having to drive everywhere makes it better than a lot of places in Ireland.

All that said, Intel is one of the larger employers of acquaintances and ex-colleagues over the years. I’m sure some of them must be checking their options and polishing up their CVs, even if they’re not in the current redundancy round. Early on, it can be difficult to tell if these adjustments are one-off or the start of a secular trend.


That’s the #1 priority alright. Sigh.

All that people want to talk about.


Well, what do you expect to find on a site called thepropertypin? Sydney Opera House perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain…"



Where do you advertise for builders? Proper paper of record link