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It’s an extra 10 jobs, and the poxy IT reports on it.


Is that Mindgeek Ireland Holding Limited?


There hasn’t been much activity this thread so thought I might as well.

Intel seems to continue investment (yet to be confirmed though) … -1.3754119

Not sure if there’s 5000 people available in construction at this point!

More software (and related jobs):

Salesforce is pushing big time - 1,500 people and a fancy building in the IFSC! Plus a million quid for Educate Together so the workforce doesn’t have to put their kids into catholic schools. … ublin.html

For a change, European life science company - Eurofins:
Seems to have already a quite some presence in Ireland … rng-centre

Most (or many) of those jobs cannot be filled without bringing people into the country. Never mind that I wouldn’t have a clue where they are all going to live!


they’re so benevolent and caring.


They’re obviously doing it for tax reasons, otherwise they would set up offices in places that have a surplus of suitable prospective employees, unless they’re hoping to poach the staff from other companies.


Cheer up! More high tech, well paid jobs are coming to town.

All we have to do is build the houses, schools and hospitals. We were doing that when we had no money.

Mind you, the smart people in Salesforce will quickly discover that the traditional schools are best.


The good news are still coming in fast: Facebook, this time. Not core IT roles though, but that’s also ok I guess: … -1.3765257

And another million quid for “good cause”:

That’s very nice, I thought…


I’d prefer that they properly policed their content (as every other publisher is obliged to do) and paid taxes - handing over a trivial amount from a large pot of untaxed wealth is not generosity - giving a million after your profits have been taxed is generosity. This just looks slimy to me.


The tax is the main reason but the availability of staff is another reason. There are roughly 80000 people working in IT in this country (although ‘IT’ is a very loose term it does include the kind of call centre fodder that Salesforce are (mainly) looking for).
People in IT change jobs roughly every 2-3 years so there are around 25000 people that potentially include the kind of skills that you are looking for - there are very few locations in the world that you will find those kind of numbers available. Salesforce are a decent employer - there are plenty of people who will be willing to jump from some of the less attractive employers in the city. Pay is at least starting to rise even in this lower end work so possible it will put some money into the economy and hopefully not just into increased rents.


Analogous to a shipment of USAID to ISIS… :angry:


IT is such a generic term that it is becoming relatively meaningless. I’ve been involved in the IT sector for the guts of two decades and we would see our industry as more Business Solutions to Information Technology in the traditional sense.

Calling a person who is in content control in Facebook as being in the IT sector is misleading, as is a graduate in Salesforce banging out 100 cold calls a day.


Communication Services. … works.html