Glebe Court, Deansgrange (-350k, -41%)

New builds “started” at 850k in April 2007.

Now available from 565k.

Nice busy road that.

But very quiet neighbours on the far side!

really interested in these houses,can anyone give me details of area -also would developer be open to lower offers ,if so how much should I offer ?

Deansgrange…very nice area…plenty of amenities, shops, pubs, etc., close to the 45 and 46a routes, easy access to schools. Downsides of location. You’re on the main road and it’s busy all the time and you’re looking at the graveyard from your bedroom.

Houses more centrally located i.e. near the library…beechpark etc., were going for a lot less 6 or 7 years ago, bide your time.

Now ‘Region 500k’

There are a bunch of sale agreed signs up on these since a week or so.

Now ‘Excess 560,000’

Maybe we have found the floor for 3 bed townhouses with cemetery access. Or… its funny how they have changed agents and suddenly a bunch of them are sold. It looks like they are being snapped up and you would have to be canny as anything to get one? Pure speculation on my part, but it went from none sold to 6 or 7 sold in barely the time that it takes to change agents. The new agents must be VERY GOOD at getting quick sales. tips hat, raises eyebrow

I guess the previous agents (M Kelly of prime time fame) failed to nail some suckers to the f***ng wall for these babys. Look and learn how its done M! BD

erm No…

Still Region 500k actually:

After looking around on teh web a bit more, these seem to be on sale by every agent out there! Would love to know what the craic is with them.

Actually you are all correct, as of 3 April
A mid-terrace is asking 500K
And there is an end-terrace quoting 505K
Another house unspecified is asking 560K but maybe that is a 2 for 1 special. is advertising “cheap houses jobs melbourne australia at” ironically enough so no information there.

So its kinda make up your own price at this stage.


Im far more interested in the ‘Bored Sydney Women’ advertised on that site.
Between Glebe Court … its quiet ‘neighbours’, sydney and digging ‘down under’ … there has to be a joke in there somewhere :angry:

these houses have the best intentions. Feel sorry for the poor hungry developers - thankfully they’ve still got their concreting business to provide for them. The shoddy builder should be banned from working in the trade for destroying good quality housing. Air races through the windows and doors. Sounds like we’re sleeping on the road the traffic noise is so loud and close with road to eastlink from N11 - trucks ratttling past in the early hours, then peak hour traffic in the mornings. Ear plugs every night. Landlords haven’t been seen - had to break into mailbox as they wouldn’t give us the key. Heating hasn’t worked since january. 2 duvets, hot water bottle and jumpers because of air coming through windows. 2 out of the 3 toilets don’t flush paper. letting agent is hitting his head against the wall because the landlords just don’t care. and as for the sale agreed - what’s that about - haven’t seen a sign of any form of human being. Regulator needs to check that out! Bogus. Stay away from it. Oh, and electronic gate failed in january - couldn’t get car out for 5 hours. Gate still not fixed. Had side mirror kicked off by a knacker because of parking out the front.

^^^ Are you renting? Get out ASAP. Life’s too short.

XX Better the devil you know - and they leave us alone. Would only end up in another dive with another landlord to feed and pay for his or her next holiday. Waiting for the second home tax and then we can wave to them going to their last home across the road! XX

Well what do you expect when you live on ancient indian burial ground ?

1,054 Sq. Feet @ €500k

€474 per sq ft

Now €470K