Glenageary - feedback on the area


any usefull information on the schools, transport, general facilities in the area?


plenty of threads discussing it on here… I don’t live there but nearby and I wouldn’t move far away. It’s a very nice family area - lots of decent schools (but not all easy to get into so check out admissions policies etc), close to the sea… lots of sporting activites at your doorstep. DART is the best public transport to town, so proximity to a station helps alot for commuting into town.


You can tell by the asking prices for properties around there that it’s a sought after area. Would love to live their myself.

Better on the coast side of the Glenageary road, although there are some lovely houses on the other side as you head towards Dalkey. Avoid the Sallynoggin corner of Glenageary, though.


Would you consider the area around Hillcourt Road and Bellvue road to be in the Sallynoggin corner?

What are these roads like?


They’re both fine, nice quite family areas. I wouldn’t consider them to be in the Sallynoggin end.


No - these are both good areas of Glenageary though maybe not as exclusive as the other side of upper glenageary road.

No comparison with the sallynoggin side of glenageary which you could argue is not really glenageary at all.


‘Glenageary’ can be surprisingly broad, covering anything from ‘Sallynoggin’ to ‘Sandcove’ or ‘Killiney’.

‘Glenageary’ in the good sense is the area near Glenageary Dart station heading down towards Sandycove. Sallynoggin’s Glenageary is motorways and a few hundred thousand cheaper. I don’t care if they have an architect nailed to the door, if it’s in Sallynoggin, it’s way way cheaper. Transport is Dart, so make sure you’re close or have parking. Plenty of schools in Dalkey and Blackrock.


As Sineád O’Connor describes growing up there as ‘‘A boaring suburb of Dublin’’. Would have to agree I was brought up close by too and think its too far from town IMO, but if you work around there it would be a good place to raise a family.


And let’s face it – Sinead O’Connor knows all about boring.


Just curious where exactly people are referring to as the Sallynoggin end of Glenageary? Is it Glenageary Woods which is right across the road from Sallynoggin but is a lovely road, or Glenageary Lodge or Glenageary Park, which are all nice areas?


Obviously the end touching Sallynoggin!

Anything on the East of Glenageary Lodge is all good, with the coast side of the Uppr Glenageary Road being better still. (Would obviously be closer to the DART).

I’d happily live in Glenageary Park and have viewed a bunch of houses around that side of Glenageary without ever “crossing the line”, as it were.


Personally I would think of Glenageary lodge, heights and park to be all Sallynoggin but some developer managed to get a glenageary address. Not saying they’re are not nice estates but just that they are not Glenageary proper!


When I was a nipper we used to take the shortcut from the “Swan’s Hollow” (upper Glenageary road) to the back of Sallynoggin Church. It’s now bisected by the new road, but I would have considered everything up to that point as Glenageary, including Glenageary Lodge et al. According to Wikipedia, early maps didn’t show any particular boundary between Sallynoggin and Glenageary.


Growing up in the area, I would be of the same opinion