Glenageary Road Upper

Apologies if there’s already a thread about this, but a quick search didn’t show anything.

Anyone know what the story is with the wasteland on Glenageary Road Upper? (it’s the road leading from Sallynoggin roundabout down to the Farm/opposite the Little Britain complex of shops.

When I did a google maps search of it you can just about see a Cosgrave sign on a fence. Will this be a continuation of the Honeypark development?

Thanks in advance.

The will be building the otherside of the development where the tesco/boots and houses/apartments are

This was part of the lovely green space that used to be Dun Laoghaire golf club before it was sold to Cosgraves for development back in the Celtic Tiger. They built a new course for DL club up in the hills near Kilternan. So far Cosgraves have developed Honeypark and the retail unit with Tescos on the other side of the Glenageary road where maybe half of the golf course was. I am sure that the other half will be built on when Cosgraves see enough demand and profit to move forward with it.

I saw siteworks already started there the other day. They seemed to be laying down sewerage.

This is well under way. They dug up Lower Mounttown Road for 2 months to lay pipes for water and utilities to service the houses. They are cutting in to the greenfield site via the estates opposite McCormacks pub.
And there is another Honey Park phase close to completion - called Brickfield - on the Tesco side of the road as well.
Where they pitch the prices for these separate lots will be an interesting weathervane.

Thanks for all the replies!

Sorry to hijack thread, but similar question about same location - land at Sallynoggin roundabout onto Sallynoggin Road, think Jones Lang LaSalle hoardings up, site of a former pub? Anyone know what’s to be built here?

The Deerhunter pub? Classy joint that was.

The Breifne O’Brien Drop-in Centre for the Bewildered SCD House Buyer, complete with 5 floors of coffee shops and beauty salons.

A lidl was mooted there but may be in doubt as Aldi have been approved at W+D Motors around corner after Woodies.

Dun laoghaire Rathdown Planning ref for demolition of the Deerhunter pub & all building on site,
A proposed Glenageary Village, What looks like a small shopping centre, very celtic tigerish, I havn’t read through tthe whole file to see if it was granted,
But there are documents relating to An Bord Pleanala which suggests, planning was granted in some form if the pub was Demolished.

2005 Planning Ref : D05A/1632

Decision Date: 22-Jun-2006

Fairly sure the pub is long gone. Thanks for all replies.

Having previously failed at Googling this, your additional info has brought me here: … -unlikely/

Very interesting and much appreciated!

What the general area does not need is more supermarkets, cafes, coffee shops, “retail opportunities” etc. The main street in Dun Laoghaire will be decimated further and it’s in pretty bad shape at the moment (although DL is shaping up well along the seafront).

The social housing idea proposed by both Left and Right at that meeting looks a better idea.