Glenair Manor, Priory Road, Delgany, Co. Wicklow

9 Glenair Manor back on the market … ow/2125185

Yesterday was like a seen from an open viewing in 2006. Mob rule.

What does anyone think of these properties?

Not a price drop, moving to “Sell Buy or Rent” forum.

These were the top/exclusive end of the market when launched a few years back in this area. I’d say the price has attracted a lot of interest as there are countless standard semi-d’s nearby trying to get similar prices. I’d say these could go for 100K over the ask…

Edit - Collapso says no.3 was on the market in’08 for 2.5M !

Its a lot of square footage for the money. However I suspect that this is a lowball pitch to generate interest. Could easily go for around the €7-800k mark. I notice the myhome sales blurb states that the main photos are of a different house. Anyone any info on the state of the actual houses for sale.

What would it cost to finish out the house?. It appears to be a shell. Is any of the electrical/plumbing/kitchen etc completed?

I spotted this at the weekend and think it value - at the ask. You will need 120k to finish (not much more by the looks of it). At 500k + (including fitting) it is vaule for Delgany (IMHO).

I’d add in another 10k to replace that atrocious looking stairs…

If it really is 4,300 square feet, (and it doesn’t look it to me) it is too big IMHO!!! Unless you have 6 or 7 children, there is honestly no need for a house this size. The costs for maintenance, heating, lighting etc. will be huge, not to mention all the new charges coming down the line. Our house is 2,200 square feet for 2 adults and 2 children and it is nearly too big as it is… too much cleaning and house work! Although I know many will disagree with me :smiley:

No. 8 is only 400k but both ads state this is a “price guide” - they’re really just testing the market IMO. These are real Celtic Tiger gaffs - unnecessarily large as @grateful says - they were ludicrously expensive for a house in an (admittedly small) estate before, you could’ve bought a large period house in the centre of Greystones for less money.

btw this estate is on the ghost estate list for Wicklow so its exempt from the €100 charge, though who knows how that will translate to the actual property tax.

Would agree with Single Home Owner Re: a low ball pitch to generate interest. You would need to invest quite a bit as it’s a large property. There would be a need and possibly and expectation given the location and neighbouring properties to complete a quality fit out. IMO possibly in the region of at least €250,000 and maybe more for landscaping etc… Need a lot of furniture to fill the property.

even at 400k you’d need a substantial wedge (200k+) to buy one of these. 20% deposit and the 120k required to finish them off in cash as I dont believe the bank would loan against the finished cost of the house.

No 8 is gone Sale Agreed. I wonder how much it went for: