Glenbourne v belarmine v leopardstown heights

6 Glenbourne grove versus 2 belarmine place any thoughts as to the best option and suggested value

Buy the first one.

The Belarmine building seems to be on three floors, but only (parts of?) the ground and first floor are for sale, so I guess this is a “townhouse” rather than a real house. On that basis alone, Glenbourne Grove looks nicer to me.

Please post links to the properties being discussed, You may get more feedback that way.

If I knew how to post a link I would

Here you go!

6 Glenbourne Close: … 18/1934079


2 Belarmine Place … 18/1954475

Glenbourne is closer to the Luas too.


Simply copy the property page address (from the top of your browser - it usually starts with https://www or www) into your posting.

What about social housing and anti social behaviour

Alot of rentals in Glenbourne currently and this house backs onto the Leopardstown/Office carpark and new complex. Look up Ballyogan thats then beyond the SC. (If your wondering about anti-social behaviour) Can sometimes spill over to the local shops/pub/off license etc.

Belarmine is relatively new estate alot of young couples professionals and young families. Is the Belarmine house a Duplex? I can’t really figure it out.

Glenbourne is defintely more mature - They are both asking the same price but are very different sizes Glenbourne 93 m² Belarmine is 120 m²

Now I have seen one in mount eagle drive leopardstown heights. Really confused lovely area and house but small