Glenconnor House, Glenconnor, Clonmel (-1.325m, -73.6%)

Seems to have gone from 1,500,000 Euro to 850,000 Euro to 650,000 Euro, to 475,000 Euro.

Any opinions out there???


blast from the past…

your link isn’t working this one should

maybe it’s the squireen wannabe in me but it’s starting to look like value?

possible not enough land or remote enough for some Dublin evacuees but Clonmel is one of the better towns in Tipp; though the extra distance from Dublin might put some off, not too far from the coast

also: … 34596.html

When it disappeared at 650 it was marked “Sold” now reappearing at a lower price? … Val%20desc

You’d wonder if the developer of this:

is the seller

Please include links for prices claimed. This actually was at 1.8m, then 1.5m … 30983.html

At 475k, seems too good to be true - what’s the catch?

There was an estate build behind it and the land beside it has been sold for development, however would be good to get a local opinion - no idea myself. OSI map shows the site pretty well -,618323,623265,7,10