Glencullen holdings (Bill Cullen) has losses of 18m … 68858.html

I had never heard of this guy until he wrote a book about four years ago, all of a sudden he was being hailed as some kind of national hero.

We were expected to believe a car dealer is some kind of entrepreneurial genius.

He may be a bit of a self-publicising twat but in fairness he would appear to have done very well for himself from very humble beginnings.

I’m not sure it was that he was hailed as an entrepreneur, just a successful businessman (and a doctor*)

Of course, given the make-up of the panel in the Irish Dragon’s Den we have a very vague definition of that word in this country.

*might just be something made up by Tom Dunne.

All these rubbish imported panel shows get confusing when you see them on the side of buses. Is Shane Lynch from Boyzone one of the dragons? :slight_smile:

I wonder what BangBang would make of this?

To be fair - Bill Cullen started selling apples in Moore Street. He’s not a national hero but he has certainly proven himself a very capable person.

I would imagine he’d say

Bang**Bang, Bang**Bang, Bang**Bang, you should have moved out of equities and leveraged positions before the inevitable credit crunch an associated stock market falls took place, Bang**Bang, Bang**Bang

I had heard of him long long before that book. In fact AIB organized a talk by him a few years back and invited some of their small business customers. Very interesting, I have a lot of time for him.

When you consider many of the people that Ireland celebrates as entrepreneurs, Bill Cullen actually has a lot of cred.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

ROFL LOL hilarious :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So who was this blow in Boom Boom?

Bill was on Matt Cooper yesterday It is up to the government to save the economy by borrowing to fund the two industries that underpinned growth over the last few years - cars and houses XX

In the national interest of course

Thats great the two industries that have robbed us blind, builders and car dealors. I hope the market gets its chance as it will rid us of all of them.

Does this mean he’ll be going back to selling the penny apples then?

Bad and all as restarting the building boom would be, at least we would manufacture the houses in this country.

As for cars; I’m sure auto companies and their workers in Germany and Japan will be delighted with our putative scrappage scheme.