Glenda Gilson Exposéd €73k tax settlement paid

Wasnt her brother involved in some car business as well recently … ters-list/

Wow, look at some of the prison terms - 6 years, 1 suspended for a builder… … pt2012.pdf

Almost entirely builders, farmers, publicans and landlords. Well, at least these groups didn’t have a direct influence on public policy at cabinet level…

Edit: Who calls their company De Gee Ltd? If your going to scam Revenue for €1M then at least try not to catch their attention.

Whoops. I see the President of Malahide Chamber of Commerce in there.

Namawinelake is sticking it to him. Puts his pompous statements about “morality” in context. Of course, I’m sure it was all a misunderstanding.

Crikey, look down about 3/4’rs of the way towards the bottom. Two female market traders got 2 year custodial sentences each. Only 1 and 2 charges respectively.

From Limerick, surname ‘Collopy’. :angry:

Wasn’t her uncle involved in some planning business also.

All of those fined for fraudulently claiming medical expenses have addresses in Cork city.
I wonder if this is audited elsewhere.

I wonder if they found a particular localised scam?

Its just too easy to defraud,over declare med expenses,no need for receipts,sit back for cheque to arrive,splurge the lot on bling and tat and if you haven’t over egged it zero chance of an audit…I would guess there was a lot of over egging going on in Cork.

I’m a little worried. About to submit our 2011 return which has sizable (legit) medical expenses, out of line with the previous few years. I have receipts but I fear this may trigger an audit if they’re looking at medical expenses closely these days :frowning:

According to my accountant (from previous years), they may ask for the medical receipts without asking for any other receipts, i.e. they pay special attention to medical claims as a stand-alone item.

Doubt you have much to be worried about evilal,your expenses are legit,claim them.

I’m not an income tax accountant, but I’ve heard of the same approach too. I’d recommend claiming them, and then worrying about what happens when an audit happens. It’s a pain, but once you can back up 90% of what you are claiming, then you will be fine. And even if you can’t, you can go an get receipts re issued if needs be

Thanks guys. I have 100% of receipts, I just don’t fancy the hassle of a full tax audit. If they just want medical receipts that’s cool.

My accountant actually makes me scan all the receipts over to him before he’ll do my return. Seemed harsh the first year but it’s good discipline now.

As an aside, on foot of this I just read through the revenue doc on what’s allowable and it turns out routine dental things (cleanings, exams, and fillings) and not allowable. I didn’t know that. I wonder how many people know that? My dentist doesn’t participate in the PRSI dental scheme either :frowning:

I’d say as long as you have receipts go for it

I’d there’s huge variance year to year. I’ve never been really sick thankfully but think of someone going along charging a few hundred a year. All of a sudden you go private for you or your significant other having a baby and all of a sudden you’ve 4-5k to claim tax relief on

It’s written on the Med 2 form (pdf link) you need to claim dental expenses. And your dentist has to countersign the form. So people shouldn’t be caught out unnecessarily.

Yes, but I didn’t even know you needed a MED2 form to claim those – I thought it was like medical expenses, just bung in the receipts and put the total on your tax return. I suspect other people think the same. As it happens I do have a MED2 for some stuff from last year but I thought the checkups etc were eligible as well :frowning:

Well, her business name is Mischief after all.

You need MED2s for all that stuff. I was amazed to find Revenue don’t actually ask for them as a matter of course, but you should have them put by just in case. One thing that many people don’t realise (including my dentist who wrongly told me it couldn’t be done) is that as of a few years back you can claim for a family member whose dentist bills you pay.

Ha! Yeah, that’d be a problem alright.

That’s what you need to pay a good chunk of your tax refund to your accountant for. :slight_smile: