Glenstal, Westminster Road, Foxrock, Dublin; -2.05mln (-50%)

Was 4mln EUR … 06507.html
Now 1.95mln … lin/344492

Not saying this place is cheap. But it makes much more modest homes in the same price zone look bonkers!

344 (sq meters) = 3 702.78518 sq feet
€526/sq foot, plus sizeable gardens

Pretty sure that started originally at over 7. Will try and find a link.

Here’s a link for 4.15 million… … &Site=daft

Not to mention the 1000sq Ft mews ( i.e 4700 sq Ft accomm) and " sizeable gardens" equates to 0.6 of an acre on actual Westminster road. Bargain? or just another downward notch in the reality chain?
Relevant to other properties out there it does appear to make them look excessively overpriced! Be interesting to see if this one sells quickly or not.

interestingly, if you look at the Bing maps ariel view it looks like there was a HUUGE back garden there originally and they’ve been selling off bits. The rear garden wall is brand new and there’s a behemoth of a gaff recently constructed … %20Ireland

Well spotted Nalah , and is it from Mart Lane that a laneway provides acces to the new " behemoth"?
However, the new construction seems to be residential(?) and still leaves the original property on the big piece of land with a S#*t load of accommadation. If I’d any interest in living in Foxrock and had won the LOTTO this seems to be streets ahead of others asking a similar price!

sale agreed

Didn’t that sell about 12mos ago?!?

Absolute money pit:)

Sold 1.65 15/12/10