Global property guide

This link was posted by the Banker over on daft.
Has anyone come across it before?

Global Property Guide

Yes, most of the data is a bit dated but still a good site.

Yep, I’ve seen something like that before.

You can Ignore Monaco because really it’s not comparable with any of the other countries. It’s more of a playground for the rich than a country. So just two comparable countries below us.

Also, looking at the top of the table, this could also be the finishing positions for the Eurovision. Unless Dustin gets through, in which case watch out Eastern Europe, we’re coming to get you.


This bit isn’t dated.

The graph showing house prices compared to rents is interesting.

It shows that rents are currently at 2002 levels, having dipped in between.

This tallies exactly with my experience.

And nobody will convince me that having rents almost exactly where they were 6 years ago is a good place to be just when a glut of new supply is coming on stream.


Poor old banker still on the go over there, he takes some slagging from Seanstaunton and his alter egos under different user names :slight_smile:
He’s a good man for the links.

Yeah its like some Sicilian blood feud over there between Banker and Longlease. :laughing:

There is refuge at the PIN, someone invite em both here :slight_smile: