forum hacked this morning

I know many readers here also view the GHPC and HPC forums.
The GHPC forum has been hacked (I assume the same has happened to HPC, and they have taken it offline)

There appears to be an iframe exploit targeted at the Invision Power Board software and its affecting several forums accross the internet

The exploit redirects to z b r g d u x c v y . b i z and if you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer it will exploit a security bug and potentially download a trojan virus to your windows PC.

Users runningMozilla Firefox should be ok.

If you accessed either site using internet explorer then run an anti-virus scanner, AVG is free if you don’t have one -

GHPC regulars should be able to get an update here, it may take some time to fix. … howforum=2

Thanks for the heads up Green Bear.

Oh no thats terrible… I hope you get it back asap… Green Bear what will you do with all that info!

I’ll try put a news annoucement up on our main page if I get a chance today.

I use OPERA myself, I think it has had tabbed browsing year and I mean years before any other browser.

Very stable and in reduced chances of being effected by virus and exploits which are primarily aimed at the incumbant Microsoft.

I strongly recommend OPERA over any browser on the internet, for safe useful browsing, also has a mail client built in and many other cool faeatures and the core program is under 4MB i think! Tiny!

Of course you will still need IE to access the odd ecommerce site or bank site since they have foolishly only built their security policy around 1 browser, the most insecure of the lot!

Anyone tried IE 7m it bloody brutal, once you have used OPERA, man its not worth the hassle.

Problem resolved - forum back in operation

Good good… I bloody can’t ftp with my favourite ftp client to this site!!! There is always something…