Globohomo and Ireland's Gay Mafia

According to various detrans twitter accounts :lizard: the more militant TRAs just tell the detransitioners that they were never “trans”. Even if they took the meds, had the surgeries & lived as opposite sex for years. They’re pretty unforgiving to heretics who leave the cult…

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Fascinating little article. Some people just seem to want to introduce children to sex. I mean they worked hard to get a sexualized story aimed at children made. “Ruby Wax” and “Miriam Margolyes” in a Scottish story! Total coincidence

It was either very late, or very early. Tessa and Sascha Hartmann had just screened their debut film, Sir Billi, for the first time at Sonoma International Film Festival in April 2012. They were jetlagged and exhausted, but elated. Neither had a background in filmmaking, but they’d slogged away for seven years to get their idea to the screen

Alan Cumming would play Billi’s anthropomorphic sidekick Gordon the goat, Miriam Margolyes the Baroness McToff, Ruby Wax a local oddball Patti Turner.

Perhaps mindful of Shrek’s success, the gags would be near the knuckle, a little risque

Sascha’s character designs led to some complications too, specifically the extremely chesty women of Catterness. “A couple of animators said – especially the Italian ones – ‘I love the boobs but it’s difficult to get the boobs moving in the proper way’. I said, well it’s your job, just make them move!”

In The Scotsman, Siobhan Synott was equally unimpressed. “Why did Sean Connery sign up for this? Why is a children’s film so keen on smut? Why does Billi spell his name as if educationally challenged? Why does his incontinent gay pet goat (voiced by Alan Cumming) think he’s a dog?

Tessa is still indignant. “We got such a slagging for our humour and innuendo. But every animated film’s got that humour and innuendo! There was so much stuff that was just like, God, that’s just so unfair. It was so relentless.”


State and corporates diverting taxes and profits to proactively groom your children.

Some people really try to make a scandal out of something by completely misinterpreting the reasoning behind the “smutty” stuff, that is there to entertain the bored parents who have to watch with their children, nothing more!

They’d have a fit with “Captain Pugwash” which featured “roger the cabin-boy” as a main character,



The Cabin boy may be mis remenbererd

But Masterbates!

Case closed

Wasn’t there a Seaman Staines as well?

Yes, they always seem to be together.

Plus the infamous Flowerpot men, their ramblings were full of buggers, fucks & bums if you listened closely enough.

Its the Scorpion and the Frog, they will never stop. if you point out to them in the long run they are harming themselves, it makes no difference, its in their nature

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Hold on a second.

No adults were watching The Flowerpot men. You heard adults talk about it because they watched it as children. That is not the same.

The smutty stuff in old British tv wasn’t all about “bored parents”. It was about subversive college graduates who had an utter contempt for child innocence and adult propriety and who are driven as Roe McDermott’s Twitter bio announces

Burning the fucking myths to the goddamn ground

“Do as thou wilt” Aleister Crowley Satanism

First black woman on the SC. I think.
What is a woman :clown_face:. Do we have a biologist in the house?

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@Poacher I’m uncertain if I like the name change on this thread. I think Sodom is being built.

Get out of our way,” they replied. “This fellow came here as a foreigner, and now he wants to play the judge! We’ll treat you worse than them.” They kept bringing pressure on Lot and moved forward to break down the door.

So Lot went out and spoke to his sons-in-law, who were pledged to marry[a] his daughters. He said, “Hurry and get out of this place, because the Lord is about to destroy the city!” But his sons-in-law thought he was joking.


All you need is $150K, a woman who will sell you her eggs, a woman who will rent you her womb, a dozen+ embryos so you can select the desired sex/viability & laws that don’t require background checks for adults who leave the hospital with unrelated children. #StopSurrogacyNow

This is intriguing. People mainly get assaulted for “looking different”. If you look soft, look weak, look posh you’re more likely to get assaulted. But we’re getting a hierarchy where getting assaulted while gay is a super crime. A “hate crime” as if ordinary assaults weren’t hate filled. Eye socket broken while hetrosexual? 3 years. Eye socket broken while gay? 6 years.

From Evan

“It’s 2022, it shouldn’t need to be said that it’s not OK to abuse people physically or verbally just because they’re different.”

From Leo

Mr Varadkar responded to the tweet saying he was “shocked and appalled that an assault of this nature happened in our capital city”.
The Tánaiste said he would be discussing with Minister for Justice Helen McEntee the Garda presence on the streets and “new hate crime laws”. He wished Mr Somers a speedy recovery.
Speaking to The Irish Times, the Tánaiste said there was “a sense among the community that there has been an uptick in verbal abuse on the streets and even assaults.”

Mr Varadkar said it was “unclear as yet if that’s backed up by other evidence but it has people worried.
“It would be sad if we fell backward given how far we have come as a society.”

“I am going to talk to Helen McEntee about it in the context of the Garda presence in the city centre and plans to strengthen our hate crime laws.

Boy George wants to use Satellites

The attack was also condemned by the singer Boy George who said : “What did your freedom to be who you are stir in this vile creature. I’m sorry for what have been through and hope they catch him. There are satellites that see everything.”