Globohomo and Ireland's Gay Mafia

I did see they got Ed Buck convicted though! One small ray of sunshine. I don’t think we’ve posted it here yet.

Classic early symptoms of what Elon Musk would call “the woke mind virus”? Not so: according to industry insiders, Disney’s low-level activism is purely pragmatic, merely following public sentiment. In 2011, support for gay marriage in the US reached the magical 50 per cent, and even conservative corporations started speaking out in favour of it. “Iger managed [this societal shift] with deft political nous,” says one LA-based industry analyst. But after Trump’s election in 2016, the atmosphere inside Disney became ever more charged. “There has been an increasingly combative mood among some creatives, emphasis on the some, since Trump – and social media has made it worse.”

:wink: By any chance would the “LA based Industry Analyst” defender share the same ethnicity as Iger?

@Open_Window - When you review the last 2 years, the Entertainment industry’s Openness about manipulating emotions looks a lot more sinister

If there was a year that Disney lost its way, it was 1994, when the company symbolically gave up on its quixotic theme park, Disney’s America.
Having secretly bought land over almost a decade around Haymarket, Virginia, Disney announced its plans in 1993 to build a park featuring two Civil War “territories”, two representing small town America, one for native Americans, one celebrating the factory, one for the family farm, as well as zones dedicated to immigration, presidents, baseball, the Wright brothers and the Muppets.
To the guests assembled for the launch, it sounded like the ultimate white-picket-fence park – Disney, cutesy, the least woke thing in the world. Not so, according to the project’s architect Bob Weis. “This is not a Pollyanna view of America,” he told a room of reporters, politicians and local residents. “We want to make you a Civil War soldier. We want to make you feel what it was like to be a slave or what it was like to escape through the underground railroad.”
“Within days, critics had seized on this statement as the height of presumption,” former Disney boss Michael Eisner wrote in his memoir. “I wish that Bob had phrased his answer more felicitously, but the point seemed to me a reasonable one. We had no intention of trying to replicate the experience of slavery for anyone. But we were committed to bringing history alive by telling emotionally compelling stories in dramatic ways. Somehow, we never successfully communicated that distinction. The more we tried, the more we stepped on our own toes.”

Enter Bob Iger, who set his sights on buying, between 2005 and 2020, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and 21st Century Fox, as well as launching the corporation’s global streaming service Disney+. Out of that spectacularly successful gamble has arisen what we might call the New Disney – which earns far more from diverse superhero epics and female-led space operas than from the white-picket-fence view of America.

And the corporation seems to be actively taunting DeSantis. Earlier this month, it launched its Pride Collection of merchandise – featuring everything from Mickey Mouse and Pixar to Star Wars and Marvel rainbow backpacks, badges and T-shirts ahead of Pride Month, when Disney parks around the world will “celebrate the joy and love of the LGBTQ+ community.” Last month, Walt’s great-nephew Roy revealed his son Charlee was trans and backed the company’s stance against DeSantis.

Carrie Johnson’s pro LGBT stances now make sense

Mrs Johnson, according to the Sunday Times, then replied that “she was already there and suggested that she was with an unspecified number of male friends”.
What precise words are contained in the message from Mrs Johnson is unclear but, according to sources familiar with the messages, she responded: “Great. I am here already with the gays.”
The term, used affectionately, refers to a small circle of gay, male friends with whom Mrs Johnson is close.
The claim of the use of such language is consistent with a report, back in February, of a Downing Street staffer quoted by Dan Hodges, the Mail on Sunday columnist. He wrote: “She [Mrs Johnson] would say: ‘I’m with the gays up in the flat. Can you come up?’ It was meant as an affectionate nickname.”

All the snarky ‘there is no slippery slope’ gay marriage memes are actually coming through. The slippery slope is undefeated.

A children’s animation has a same sex kiss…

It’s interesting that if you support “gay marriage” then you cant oppose this. Because if gayness has to be everywhere, it has to be in Pixar. If gayness is no longer “bad” it can only be “good”… and so must be everywhere.

So far, Lightyear has been banned from cinemas in 14 countries including the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.
The censorship is thought to be because the film contains a same-sex kiss between two supporting characters, but not every country has explicitly confirmed that is the reason.
The UAE’s Media Regulatory Office said only that the film was in “violation of the country’s media content standards”.
In Singapore, the film was given an NC16 rating - meaning viewers must be aged 16 or over to view it - due to “overt homosexual depictions”.

Dublin Pride ends media partnership with RTÉ (

Explains a lot about the wall to wall gay sex agenda pushed by RTE day in, day out.
Fighting in the camp now Rrrrr. :pouting_cat:

Dublin Pride has announced it is terminating its media partnership with RTÉ saying it is “angered and disappointed” by recent discussions about the transgender community on the Liveline radio programme.

In a statement this evening, Dublin Pride said it has worked with RTÉ over the past three years “to increase positive representation of LGBTQ+ people on TV, radio and online, and to see the good work of so many people undone is saddening in the extreme and negates much of the efforts made to date”.

It said the recent discussion on Joe Duffy’s Liveline programme “breaches trust with our community and causes untold hurt”.

Dublin Pride said it is terminating its media partnership with immediate effect, accusing RTÉ of stoking “the flames of anti-trans rhetoric”.

While the Dublin Pride Festival takes place from 22-28 June, the whole of June is considered Pride Month with a host of organisations and venues running Pride events across the city and county.

The Dublin Pride March and Parade will take place on Saturday 25 June. On its website, Dublin Pride said “it’s an opportunity to showcase the many LGBTQ+ organisations working within the community along with ally groups who take a visible stand in support of LGBTQ+ people”.

Dublin Pride said it expects a response on how RTÉ will make “amends for this situation”.

I’m celebrating June this Pride month. :icon_beer:


What did you say to them, Joe? They’re right offended like
They misheard me, thought I said wash your trans

Wow. Soak that in.

What curdled the Alphabet soup:

It has, I believe, given uniform satisfaction, Joe.

If only we could have a single word to describe adult female humans who have (or had) wombs.

Maybe some shortened concatenation of womb human would do the trick.


Oireachtas involvement in RTÉ dispute with Dublin Pride ‘very concerning’ | Newstalk

On Newstalk Breakfast psychologist Stella O’Malley said she is very worried about the committee’s decision.

“I am very concerned that the State - the Government - thinks it’s appropriate for them to comment and perhaps censure the State broadcaster,” she said.

“Liveline is inherently there for the public to raise concerns. That is what it has done for very many years and it does it very well.

“When a few people from the public have raised concerns, that the State would step in to effectively suggest they have power to shut this conversation down is a direct line to totalitarianism.

“I am very concerned about it.”

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Oireachtas committee will not proceed with planned scrutiny of RTÉ Liveline debates (

Oireachtas committee will not proceed with planned scrutiny of RTÉ Liveline debates

RTÉ bosses will not be asked before an Oireachtas committee to discuss a series of Liveline programmes which discussed trans people or the ending of a partnership by Dublin Pride.

It is understood that in its response, RTÉ has told politicians that it will engage with Dublin Pride directly, something some committee members say is preferable to a committee appearance.

Could they be finally facing their Waterloo


Fascinating insight into gay men buying children

Although we knew what we were getting ourselves into – the system they have in the US is excellent and slightly more advanced than in the UK

One of the big differences for us was that in the UK the law states that the surrogate (and their spouse, if they have one) is the legal parent of the baby for up to three months after birth or until consent from the surrogate is approved. This also means that the “carrier” is named as your baby’s parent on their birth certificate and the baby will have her surname during that time until the birth is re-registered. That didn’t make sense to me. Honestly, the whole surrogate journey comes with enough worries

In the US, once your carrier has reached 25 weeks in the pregnancy, the legal paperwork gets drawn up naming you as intended parents with the carrier’s agreement. So when Wilder and Aster were born, their birth certificates were issued with their names, my name and my husband’s name. That was a huge deciding factor for us. Even though it’s just a bit of paper, it makes our family official

It’s going to be different with Aster, as we have to consider Wilder and give him all the love and attention he’s used to. The surrogacy journey itself has been less stressful as we went through the legal paperwork the first time and we already had our embryos.

We were determined our roles would be equal. My identity is important to me, I like my work and my social life and I don’t want to lose it. Besides, if I’m happy, then I believe the kids are happy too

.We don’t talk about whose sperm was used for which baby – but we know one was used for Wilder, and another for Aster. We call them “our children” and we’re both their parents.

Coming to Dept of Education here soon

Edit - it’s interesting that the Telegraph don’t see the inextricable link between their two Globohomo stories today. You can’t have one without the other!

Analysis of pre-Covid Ofsted inspection reports in 2019 and 2020 revealed that when two primary schools were given “requires improvement” grades, the second-lowest, it was mentioned prominently in their reports that pupils do not learn about “gender identity” or “gender diversity”

It came after The Telegraph revealed last year how Stonewall raised “concern” with Ofsted that inspectors do not always discuss trans issues with primary school children

Dr Helen Joyce, the director of advocacy at Sex Matters, a campaign group, said: “These wretched classes are the way this ideology gets into schools. I’d like to see Ofsted cracking down on this [and protecting] single-sex toilets and sports.
“Gender identity is not fact. It’s unscientific and can be nonsense and age-inappropriate. It’s indoctrination and feeding into a social contagion where your teacher is telling you it’s true and it’s being enforced in the school. How can a girl then say ‘I don’t want boys in my changing rooms’?

Gay, “Catholic”, Twink-hunting, SNP pervert…I wonder what he got up to in Malawi?

This is shabby, Trotskyite behavior from the SNP. They’ll talk victimology all day long…but The Party always comes first.

Between 2011 and 2015, he worked as an advocacy manager for the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund, and has also lived and worked in London and Malawi.

Commons investigators found Grady “made an unwanted sexual advance” in 2016 to the victim, who was then aged 19. The MP was suspended from Parliament for two days.
However, the SNP’s refusal to impose a more stringent punishment was criticised after Blackford wrote to SNP staff last year promising a “zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate behaviour.”

Here are the “marginalised” LGB…-with most if not all their salaries bankrolled by the state-inside government buildings meeting two ministers. Save that photo for a gotcha at some point in the future-my physiognomy alarm is ringing…