Globohomo and Ireland's Gay Mafia

Turning families into competitive, meritocratic environments in order to accommodate men who are less able to recognise the threats and behaviours of a feminine domain would not be an effective way for people who are closely bound to each other to co-operate to nurture infants and raise children.

Turning centres of economic productivity where people with no familial bond interact to achieve a defined purpose into compassionate, equitable environments is equally unsuitable.
When someone you work with or for treats you in a way that you feel is unfair you just have to find a way to redress the situation within the parameters of the organisation and accept that there will be winners and losers in any competition. The people you are interacting with generally don’t have your best interests at heart and their lives are not bound to yours in any way and trying to apply the principles of a separate domain where everyone is bound by love and dependency is not an effective way to operate within that environment.

@BlameGame I think HR as a concept is fair enough, in any workplace there have to be a set of acceptable behaviours. In some it might be that egregious violence is not permissible, in others it might be more like just raising your voice isn’t accepted. Whatever that standard is it should be conducive to the relevant job getting done and there needs to be a penalty for not adhering to it.
The problem with HR in practice is that it attempts to change what these standards of behaviour are purely on ideological grounds without any consideration of how those changes will affect carrying out the overall enterprise.


I never initiated going to HR about interpersonal issues or bullying, because I knew they’d be absolutely no use. At this stage multiple people have… discussed the same individual with them (mainly men now I think of it). But issues such as contracts, monetary remuneration, benefits and being forced to do those DEI things - that is on them, they fail at that (have a very very quiet reputation in the industry as being very dysfunctional in practice in that regard), and (to me) it just shows it’s all performative hypocrisy when they cry about a meritocracy, profess regret at gender pay gaps & promotion differences, but promote anything but.

I should have added staff turnover being a huge issue, both professional and admin. Going through a secretary a year for years on end (I don’t know if any of them raised or discussed issues with HR) should raise some red flags with HR in most workplaces, but nope.

Sick depraved cunts.


“We’re not gendering it.”

So it is going to be a thing for the most important developmental years in it’s life.
It will end well.


It’s obviously an advantage in politics not to be a woman, in the context of this sexist society that puts most childbearing and children rearing on to women.

I don’t think it’s a sexist society that puts childbearing on to women.

@caveatemptor Yeah, it is really disconcerting the way he referred to his baby son as ‘it’ throughout the article.


This is just part of the wider socialist worldview of denying biology. He was always going to be performative non gender. He’s performative progressive in all areas.

He contradicts himself. Of course. What clock Paul? The society expectations of childbearing clock :joy:

“That changed around 2019. Whenever you’re beginning to look forward at the rest of your life, do you imagine children in your life or not? If you do and you don’t do something about it, the clock is ticking.”
The couple were trying to conceive for over a year before seeking help. “We were trying IVF for about a year and a half before the successful implantation,” Murphy says.

We all know that deep down this is no joke. In a sane world, “Tusla” would take his child into protective custody. Instead he’ll be giving talks to Tusla staff in 5 years time on his expertise


The Left have gone sensitive about pronouns all of a sudden. They know when to push and when to consolidate.

Murphy will be using the pronoun ‘they’ for Juniper. “We’re not going to be out there correcting people’s pronouns. If people call Juniper a boy and say he and him, that’s fine, we’re not going to be correcting them. We’re not going to fight against society. But to the extent that we can, in our home, in our own relationship with Juniper, we don’t want to limit the kind of future they will foresee for themselves, the role that they will perceive for themselves, the type of play that they will perceive for themselves by saying ‘you’re a boy or you’re a girl’. Just let them decide for themselves.

For posterity. A child called “It”

Regardless of whether it was male or female, it was going to be Juniper.

Murphy is not “gendering” Juniper. “We’re not gendering it. So we’re not describing Juniper as a boy, we’re describing Juniper as a baby, but it is male

When it comes to logistical challenges, Murphy says he’ll tick the box. “You go apply for a creche place. They’ll want to know is it a boy or a girl and they don’t have a space for other options. And it’s fine, we’ll say, ‘oh it’s a boy’ and we’ll go on to explain. When a lot of people ask is it a boy or a girl, really they mean, is it male or female?”

There’s a second “It” in storage. Awaiting “It’s” fate.

Murphy and Jess have one frozen embryo left from their IVF treatment. At the moment, they have no plans for any more children, but, he adds “we’re not about to defrost and throw away the embryo just yet. I think we would give it the couple of years.
“I tend to think, but this might be new dad of two weeks speaking, that we won’t use that second embryo”, he says laughing. “That’s currently what we’re saying to ourselves, that we’re not going to. And I think we’ll most likely stick to that, but it’s obviously too soon to say.”

That reads like a comedic dystopian sci-fi novel written by Flann O’Brien with a hint of Punch magazine style paddywhackery thrown in. A TD called Murphy calls his child Juniper and doesn’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl…


“What did you call it, Aloysius?”

“Juniper, Seamus”

“As in Gin, Aloysius?”

“Yes, and it’s non binary too! We’ve another embryo called Porter”

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Any way of accessing that minus the firewall?

I’d like to pas that on to a few of his constituents.

Try this one.

This is “it”

“It” has no chance. Ugly, Jordan Peterson favoured, dystopian modern art in the background. An octupus eh? Kind of like a spider in the sea :spider: How fitting

“Tax Amazon”, Paul ? Sure Amazon love you and the “diversity” you promote. Good for the bottom line. Your policies make them more profits :wink:

Stores at higher risk of unionizing have lower diversity and lower employee compensation, as well as higher total store sales and higher rates of workers’ compensation claims, according to the documents.

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Indeed, so the working class people in Dub SW are into that sort of thing now…what a complete clown.

But it is true that if you put the label, boy or girl on your child, you definitely increase the chances of them going down one road or another.”

And that’s a bad thing, seriously?

He’s right about this

Neither of us wanted kids, because the truth is that being a socialist activist is much, much more than a full-time job and it takes up an enormous amount of your time. We didn’t feel that we needed kids to fill our lives.

It’s more like a Vocation to destroy. He works in the Deconstruction Industry. Like Tom Parlon there should be an umbrella lobby group for all the NGO’s DIF - The Deconstruction Industry Federation


Yawn. Wake me up when the old blueshirt says something negative about Varadkar, Coveney and that little twerp Harris. He can’t seriously consider them as “Right Wing”, so what’s stopping him?

His bitter-hearted blueshirted loyalty, that’s what.


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