Globohomo and Ireland's Gay Mafia

Has Phillip been following in his brothers footsteps?

The Mother is completely absent from the story. Did they just buy a child? Is this slavery? Where is the child’s mother?


I suspect they don’t care. Business transaction completed.

I suspect the establishment don’t care, actually, i know they don’t.

So that leaves the peeps. Completely conflicted.


No archive link. But you get the idea

This is a straight African (although a lot of them are Bi) but you know, it’s a test case for Globohomo really.

It’s the transactional nature of buying a baby from a gestational unit :confused: aka surrogacy.

North Face just walked into a buzz saw


No words.


Some rather clever civil disobedience.

Yea but keep in mind this is a FULL SPECTRUM WORLD WAR and these things are being encouraged to destroy the social fabric via both, the bread and butter of the US economy and sense of shared American identity (people are so heavily invested in corporate brands and place for their world), and so these over the top LGBT corporate kamikaze strategies, which have been building up steam serve to allow civil disobedience be manifestly refocused at corporates, instead of GOV but really the actual perps, the Menace Banksters who have financially promoted and incentivised the corporate kamikaze LGBTQ++++++ shit show, Bankster never wan to see an “occupy wall st” again… OCCUPY BANKS? Maybe there is an even deeper.

Ordinary people are hurting each other doing this, this is classic divide and conquer, they are hurting their community, their local and national economy and they are doing the hard work of taking down from the inside the key infrastructure of the US economy… which has been the reported leverage the of the Menace plans to use, get the people to destroy their own nations.

We are living in the matrix application 24/7 for too many years, you were born into the matrix, so few want to admit or simply can’t tell the different because they’re addled beyond 2 weeks thinking, in fact much of the revolutionary protest movements have been as contrived and totally fake, totally manufactured, pic your FULL SPECTRUM COLOUR on the REVOLUTION spinning wheel.

However, it’s a good tactic, but to be really effective, the real tactic is if everyone does two things at once, or at least one altogether.

  • Stops paying tax
  • Remove all your money from the bank.

The second would be a fast action-reaction. and of course there would hurt but who hurts most and which one can wait out longest, the People or the Menace?

Because they are going to do this to you instead of you doing it to it.

BuckleUP! :icon_beer:


A list of all the brands owned by the owner of Bud Light should anyone wish to play at home with the queer beer boycott.

Just shows how much things have been flipped that it’s now right wing conservatives who are the anti-corporate anarchists. If this somehow works and sends AB into insolvency the other corporations will shit themselves.


Poacher noted this years ago and you’ve very astutely summarised the flipping of the polarity which is right up Hegelian Dialect Kybalion Street in the city of Divide and Conquer, it doesn’t mater that the sides are swapped, once the Menace control the extreme points it can manifest the desired outcome once a polarity is in play.

When people step out of the construct maintained by a Menace controlled polarity the Menace loses power and cover.

Well, a Boycott Divest Sanction type activity that consumers have free will to partake in, can 1) remove support for anti Irish, anti family, or Corporate woke programmes, but also 2) their support can then be funnelled into supporting indigenous, local small retailers and producers (where that support can be justified, in the eyes of the consumer).

I have to think hard sometimes myself, how can I avoid being in the ‘whatever it is, I’m agin it’ category, and instead be positive, proactive in using my scarce resources to support local, traditional businesses, and the way of life I want to see thriving in this part of the World.

Things like the event last weekend in Cork, or the think local, act local ideas that are springing up seem to be tapping into this sort of vibe. From what I can see.

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It requires a Boycott of the “State”, where is the strike action eh, or it’s been at that stage since 2020, it’s far in excess of worse than the asset bubble bubble burst, this is it, endgame. Ireland is running at a rate of knots to be the best causality in class.

So sketch out your rough timeline…events…end situation. For entertainment.

There are groups trying to build closer community links around the country. Sharing skills. Lighthouses.

Actually and maybe it just me, but is there much less visibility to all the usual fake rainbow jersey wearing compared to the last few years?

It’s just you. It’s everywhere.

Even the fckin corner flags at the fckin football are fckin makebeleive rainbow.

Maybe it’s so everywhere you can’t see anymore.

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