Globohomo and Ireland's Gay Mafia


It would explain Tuesdays panic


How ironic that the Church of Social Justice (Homeless Industry denomination) really doesn’t like it when, due to the crimes and cover-ups of a few of their number, they all get tarred as possible rapists.


From the horse’s mouth

“I mean we can’t… If you are too sanitized all the time, there’s no… look you have to push it to some level.


We will be putting Child Trafficking on a sound legal footing shortly




In a further update, Fine Gael still a laughing stock

A booklet used to teach relationships and sexual education (RSE) to first, second and third-year secondary students as part of Social, Physical and Health Education (SPHE) contained a list of statements, for discussion in classes, which have been described as “homophobic” by Fine Gael TD Jennifer Carroll MacNeill.

I suppose they weren’t “statements” they were “hatements” then ?


Rocky Road time.


That book already a historical manuscript no less, to the archives Batman… now let’s have a look, anyone got a link to the book or are all remaining copies being burned/deleted?


That book is trivial. The book they really want banned =>


Being Irish means our nationality is never a burden. It’s the opposite. It lifts us up, it provides a sense of belonging and, in the darkest of times, it gives us a feeling of hope. To me being Irish simply means that you are someone who calls [Ireland] “home”.

With ‘right wing leaders’ like this :rofl:, Ireland sure doesn’t need any enemies!


Ms Shortall took the case with Sinn Féin TD John Brady, Senator David Norris, former Barnardo’s chief and ex-Labour adviser Fergus Finlay and Prof David McConnell of Trinity College Dublin.

@Open_Window Sinn Fein really are fully institutionalized



… but they’ll still be wearing masks yea?

Quick tip if it is not obvious - Once you you see the “clenched fist” logo, which is the Menaces branding of it’s mob, you know who and what is behind it. Brute force logo. Fist will hit you like a hammer. It is the very antithesis of a welcoming or open group. Very simple visual communication. Read it for what it is.


A super simple image search, you get the idea… :fist:


Agreed. But it’s all so depressingly predictable given how America has gone . Parents may get a win on this one and some tut tutting will occur. But they have no power to set policy and the Leftist HR ladies and their simps are in full institutional control of:

  • the teacher training colleges (key)
  • the Department of Education (the assessment algorithm for the Leaving Cert deliberately discriminates against boys, probably particularly Irish boys)
  • every Educational correspondent

As you might expect Globohomo is shameless when it comes to interfering with Christian childhood


You’re not going to get any social science research written after 1990 which will state it so baldly.

Trust your own eyes

What gets labelled one thing is often actually another -its homosexual men’s interest in twinks.

Also if you Google “positive depictions of homosexuality Hollywood” you get a lot of whing about 50 + years ago. But your own eyes (and unbiased research) shows that mainstream Hollywood & Entertainment Industry has entirely sanitized the reality of often non monogamous homosexual lifestyles. Theyre all living totally normal suburban lives while just incidentally being gay, apparently. Look at the series Modern Family.




Exhibit 1


You will find almost nothing online. As BG said all the pre 1990’s stuff has not made it over online. For very good reasons. Unless you have access to an academic library journals portal you wont find anything much.

The only thing I found a while ago while digging was a very well written (and rather sad) set of articles online by a sexual abuse survivors group in the UK. All who had been abused by gay men as kids. It seems the were being ostracized by the other abused victims organizations for pointing this out. Thats how deep the gay mafia reach is now.

The articles had quotes from various pre 1990’s literature about who did the abuse. And to whom. Which tallied with what I remember and what i have heard and seen. The raw numbers were that when it came to the sexual abuse of boys around 60% of the abusers were gay men even though they make up only about 2% of the general population. The literature also mentioned that the vast majority of those abused even though most had very serious long psychological damage from the experience do not go on to abuse as adults.

So the whole “they were abused as kids” excuse given for the actions of the abusers is junk. It seems this is a huge problem for the abuse victims as this widely used excuse for the abusers means that the victims as adults are now seen by too many as potential future abusers. Which they are not. Quite the opposite.

The only correlation between prior abuse as a child and becoming an abuser as an adult was a weak one among the heterosexual abusers. Not the gay ones. There seems to be no real link between history of childhood sexual abuse with the gay abusers. Although they overwhelmingly have the broad spectrum personality disorders so prevalent among gay men. Almost all either NPDs or more usually APD’s. Usually psychopaths rather than sociopaths. But always one or the other.

The other big difference in abuse patterns by the abuser in the case of both sexes is that the gay abusers of boys seem to be more the non family acquaintance / authority figure type. In fact remarkably like the traditional stereotype of those who abuse boys.

I’ll see if I can find that website again. It had a a lot of reference material not available elsewhere due to defaco censorship. But very sad reading. What those people have gone though. Both as children and as adults. So all in favour of either chemical castration of the abusers or just being put down for the most vile cases when if comes to this type of sexual abuse.


Another Globohomo unintended outcome ?

But the conclusions of another study this year by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago - a review of data from four earlier studies, involving 30,000 participants - go further.
“One of our startling findings was that rates of domestic violence among same-sex couples is pretty consistently higher than for opposite sex couples,” says Richard Carroll, a psychologist and co-author of the report.


Wnteresting how the word play structure is:

same-sex vs heterosexuals.

And not if ever

Homosexual vs opposite-sex