GM People


Probably not the first but maybe the first openly reported to the world. Not long now till Immortality is on the menu. XX


Is it currently possible to patent a genetic alteration to a plant or animal?


Seems like a particularly pointless/counterproductive bit of gene editing.

Reduce risk of HIV infection (which is fairly easily avoided) and increase risk of various other nasties (which are not).


Sounds like they’re genetically breeding brazzers in China now. Another unforeseen consequence of the one child policy.


Definitely. It’s what Monsanto are famous for with their GM plants. They even insert “DNA watermarks” to identify the unauthorized use of GMOs. There are various controversial issues. People have been patenting GMOs where they don’t know what the alteration does, just to be able to assert a copyright. As far as I know you have to demonstrate an application for the GMO, but this is got around by putting it into a shampoo or somesuch.


I’d say they’ve been at it for some time.
China seem to be specifically breeding sportspersons, by diet and other means
Look at those insanely tall basketball players


The Beeb calls bullsh1t:


There’s a good book by Daniel Suarez called Change Agent, about a near future where genetic engineering is possible but illegal. So the book is not great, bad writing and characterisations, but the ideas he explores are well thought out.