- Discounted Property Auction 24th June

Not sure has this been noted elsewhere, another Grand Auction of discounted properties.


  • the classic damp 1970’s bungalow not really near anywhere in particular;
  • 3 Acre site, zoned ‘Town Centre’ with full planning permission to construct 86 Bedroom Hotel and 17,000 Sq Ft Commercial Units on the outskirts of Mountrath, Co. Laois - anybody like to start us off?

Reserves still far too high from the few I’ve seen on there.

I love their logo :slight_smile:

I think we might just make history with the first distressed property bubble. Well, we’ll make a good stab at it anyway.

Just heard of a distressed auction on in the Radisson Little Island THIS FRIDAY !! of 50+ mainly houses in Cork and Munster. Looked it up on Daft and it seems they have only been up for the last week!! To advertise just 9 or 10 days before an auction seems a bit daft (ha ha), what’s going on? The auctioneer is Gmac and he reckons he will get 10.5 million worth sold! Adding up all the AMVs is around the 10 million. Is he positive or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t see this taking off. Lots of holiday homes but AMVs tend to be what they are asking now. Not as professional as the Allsop auctions. A couple of properties there I am interested in - just not at those AMVs.

You need to read the Pin more :laughing:

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Coverage in today’s I.T. … 48257.html

Unless they price them right, they won’t sell.

Much of the stuff I’ve looked at is way overpriced.

Agree. Most priced at previous private treaty rates. They really have not got the handle on what a distressed auction is…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Is this just bad reporting or is this the new marketing ploy for any property within 20 miles of Thurles?

imagine, if those hits bid on just one property each during the auction…

Live tweets…!/clonmelproperty


It’s sad to see such a flop. It’s probably a good idea to gradually develop the auction business before getting into mega-auctions.

One REALLY needs to know EXACTLY where the market is at before hosting a mega-auction. The properties were over-priced.

Quote of the day

… and thats all that needs to be said.

Watching the twitter feed. That is a disaster. As I said above, AMV were are pre sale levels. I hope these are not bank properties as I would be seriously peeved at the auctioneers.

Disaster. Out and out disaster.

First sale - site at Dun Chaoin - £1k over reserve.

Given that this was LOT 30, am I to assume there have been 29 previous withdrawals ?

I wonder if reporting of this auction will be as widely covered in the media as the more successful one?

Sean O’Rourke announced there at the end of News At One that the Dun Chaoin Site was the only sale of the day…