Go-slow civil servants to hold up budget information

Go-slow civil servants to hold up budget information → timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/w … 000057.ece

This plan relies on a gamble that FF and Greens want to stay in Government and will be too spineless to act, and so prevent further pay cuts.

Assuming the compilation of said material forms a percentage of the job objectives of some indeterminate number of civil servants, can we expect their pay to be immediately reduced by the same percentage to reflect the work that they are actually prepared to do in a given day/week/month ???

In any company I ever worked for if an employee or group of employees decided to willfully ignore part of their job description,they would be called en masse to a meeting room where they would be reminded of their required duties and of the consequences of deliberately ignoring them.
Repeated failure to comply would see them on the disciplinary path from verbal right through to final written warning,if they are stupid enough at final written warning stage to continue,then adios half wits.

If these petulant civil servants think this is the way to go,then the ordinary decent taxpayer or those recently made unemployed will demand the Govt will face them down,run them through the procedures and sack their well upholstered ungrateful arses on to the street.

FFS, they hardly released the figures in real time at the best of times!

Just take a look at the [“*Latest * (https://www.environ.ie/en/Publications/StatisticsandRegularPublications/HousingStatistics/FileDownLoad,15293,en.xls) House Building and Private Rented Statistics” - its up to Q2 2009 - 6 months behind

Perhaps even a look at the [“*Latest * (https://www.cso.ie/releasespublications/documents/labour_market/current/qnhs.pdf) Quarterly Household Survey” - its also up to Q2 2009 - 6 months behind

and don’t get me started on the number of empties in the country - a figure that seems to have come to light, years after some posters predicted it here on the PIN.

So please, don’t tell me about civil servants on a go-slow!

Unions reluctant to unleash full-scale strikes → sbpost.ie/news/ireland/union … 46953.html

Like Politicians the unions have nothing to offer in equal measure.

If people working in the civil service and related disciplines had the inclination they would make it very easy for the right kind of information find its way to the light of day.

There’s a job here for 2pack and his back-of-a-fag-packet budget calc’s. Fuck it, he usually twatted these prima-donna civil servants estimates anyway!!!


And whose?

The ERSI are not civil servants, not that they produced much regarding the empties… And if I recall correctly, which I do, his guesstimates placed heavy reliance on ESB connections, which would be publically funded equally…

And the latest Earnings and Labour Costs has only preliminary figures for Q2 2009 so practically a full year behind.

True, although much of their funding comes from the DOF. It’s one of those curious facts forgotten by those who criticise the DOF for the “deficit” of economists among its staff, i.e., the ESRI is to some extent the economic arm of the DOF, but is independent, to the extent that any publicly funded independent entity can be in this State. The State also has access to all those economists holed up in the Central Bank, though jaysus knows what they ever get up to.

They write books as far as I can tell… And then go on to destroy economies and sectors of industry…

Perhaps a go-slow would be in the country’s interest so… :laughing:

This capitalism is so weak and little things grow to big problems. In socialism such employees would face serious prosecution for that jail, relocation to colder climate or death penalty. But that is what you get, unreliable public service with this free market stuff like labour unions.

You are neither talking about classical capitalism or socialism in either case but feel free to feel like you are making a point.

And pray tell, at which monastery would I find this utopia with it’s higher order of morality and mysticism?

Pinism, its a play thing. :smiling_imp:

Remember this?. Gardai refusing to use their new computer system to help them do their job until their pay increase demands for doing so were met … 00059.html

Try do that in the private sector and see how far you get

Same deal with the chewing gum removal machines I heard in DCC.

Remember the train drivers striking for danger money to drive a few extra carriages?

Thats the legacy of unions. I was drifting radio stations and heard “Service users” drop forth from the mouth of some rep. As to what the subject matter of the discussion at hand was, well put it this way I thought they use to be called “Patients” ya know.


Its time the Govt went head on with the unions and break them.

Never a huge fan of Maggie but she took no shit off scargil.

Clowen will never again have such public support in terms of reforming the Public Service ie putting manners on the likes of that smug twat Jack O Connor and “learning” SIPTU et al that au contraire to their delusions of grandeur,they do not rule the country.

Did you order the smoked cod?