Goatstown, Dublin 14 - Proposed Motorway

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Just looking for peoples opinion. The local area plan for Goatstown, shows planned Motorway, coming over hill near Mount Anville, and underground for a bit, and heading to Sandyford. Obviously land has been set aside for this.

What effect will this construction have on prices once work complete?
Does anyone know when this work might start (next 5,10,15 years?)

Here is a house that could be seriously depreciated by this road!
Here is the local area plan showing the road line.

I think it is scary that this plan does not have to be disclosed by the agent. Clearly local area plans etc should form part of aany sales pack.
Then again, if you cannot get BER cert for houses on the market for the last 12 months, what hope this information

Caveat Emptor.

It is up to the buyer to find that out for him or herself. A decent solicitor will advise you to do a search in the local planning office.

A sales brochure only ever includes the good news.

Except a good price Stifster. Except a good price.

Looking at satellite imagery, there is green field available all the way from The Goat pub to the N11 near the existing Foster Avenue junction.

I’m guessing the long term plan therefore is to provide a higher spec road (be very surprised if it was full motorway class) between Sandyford/M50 and the N11, to replace the existing run that people do through kilmacud, mount merrion, and onto foster avenue.

However, there’s no money for a huge project like this, it’ll probably end up as nothing more than a planner’s pipe dream.

The land for the N1 was put aside (through Whitehall) from the 'seventies. The road was on all the local area plans from then. When people looked for compo because the new road was going in behind their houses, the council pointed them to the plans and gave them the bird. Such is my recall of it anyway…

The NRA website has a detailed document on this scheme see nra.ie/Publications/DownloadableDocumentation/PublicPrivatePartnership/file,16122,en.pdf

Looking at those plans, there is greenfield on some of it, but UCD is redeveloping the area at the front of the college, at the Foster’s Avenue/N11 junction. The plans for that showed it going right into the area this road is supposed to go.

That goes right across what I think are the only allotments in Dunlaoghaire Rathdown…FFS, not content with building houses with postage stamp gardens they’re obliterating any chance of people growing their own…ah well at least they’ll get to the supermarkets quicker to buy their selophane wrapped freeze dried stuff

I would put the chances of this happening at, say, one in a trillion.

The people who bought along the new Monkstown Ring Road thought the same thing. That plan was first launched in the 1950s, and strips of land set aside. It was put on the County Development Plan, taken off and then put back on. It went to Bord Pleanala, their own inspector advised against it, but it went ahead anyway. It opened just a few weeks ago, slam bang through a nice mature leafy cul-de-sac.

It may take a while, but these projects will eventually be built, and until then, anyone living along this corridor will have this hanging over them for years and years.

Hi everyone.

I have done my own research and this is a scare tactic by the initial postee. The development, if it goes ahead in our life time, will definitely help the area. Finance would be an issue as they are planning to spend about €3 billion plus on the project. It has been in the pipeline for the past 20+ years. With such transport facilities right at your doorstep, it can only help the value. An important point which was stated “it will be a tunnel”. It won’t be visible. It will take the heavy traffic off the road. Look what the Brehon Field Road did for Ballinteer. Also look what the road from The Eden Pub in Rathfarnham, to the entrance to St Endas in Ballyboden has done for the area. Both these areas have benefitted significantly. There are so many other examples.

I just get the feeling that this person was interested in the house and unfortunately the little green eyed monster has shown his head.

We all don’t mind facts but please make sure that they are correct. People have feelings. This is not a forum to scare, it is a forum for valuable, factual information.

I have family who have moved into the area and neighbours who have lived there for the past 30 years, they love it and any improvements would be welcome.

One other note. I viewed this property and there was a BER rating on the brochure and on all the websites at the time. Once again before being critical, be correct.

Many thanks.


It’s also not a forum for launching ad hominem attacks on fellow posters, especially as this is only your second ever posting on the site.

You should make your points in a way which doesn’t impugn the integrity of other posters. If your points are well founded, they can stand on their own.

I know of someone who was refused planning in that area 20 years ago because of this planned road, so it’s been on the plans at least that long, no idea if it’ll ever be built though.

During a summer job in 1977 I remember photocopying the civil engineering report for the county plan showing the N1/M1 corridor. What was eventually built was pretty close to what was drawn in 1977. I remember telling a friend at the time that his nice house on a quiet country lane would one day be right beside a motorway. And what do you know, 30 years later, I’m right.

The road set aside tends to survive until the road is eventually build but most of the green belt land is now covered with shoe boxes.

I live in the area for over 20 years, right beside the proposed road. What has been said here already is all true - finance is the main reason why the road hasn’t been built to date. However it still does form a major decision factor in the granting or refusing of planning permission. If you look at any of the planning applications that have been made on the “Knockrabo” site, most if not all of them have been refused by DLRCOCO or ABP on grounds that this proposed road runs through the site and building any development would be premature as the precise route hasn’t been determined yet.

However there was also another road reservation that parallel and in between the houses on “St.Aidans Drive” and “Heidelberg”. It ran from the allotments down through “Harlech Downs” to “Roebuck Road” and from there I’m not 100% sure! However it was eliminated some years ago and the Council built an affordable housing/social housing development on the reservation and part of the Sorohan built development “Trimbleston” is already built on the reservation and part of phase 2 is also going to be built on it.

At the time when the above developments were in for planning, many locals objected, citing that the road reservation should instead be used as a public transport corridor - which would actually have made sense seeing as there is no real congestion free/efficient public transport link to UCD or the city centre and this route could have been used to link the luas to UCD and surrounding areas! That said, there is a Bus Lane along the Goatstown Road in the pipe line - how it is going to fit I don’t know!!