I’m currently interested in a few places in Goatstown in and around Taney Avenue.

As I’m not from the area does anyone have any advice on what the area is like?

Just wondering if its a reasonably nice area, safe and and has good schools etc in the area.

I’m familiar with Ranelagh and Closnkeagh but alas even allowing for the Big R these places are still too expensive for myself.



“I’m currently interested in a few places in Goatstown in and around Taney Avenue.”

Any of them feature on these pages? maybe some good info from that.
As for area, not far from there myself. Luas, Dundrum TC and village all a short walk as is Airfield farm ( though due to close for 1 year + from Sept )
Short hop to M 50, fair bus routes to town.
Schools - primary or secondary?
Pretty safe area IMO and Dundrum copshop close enough to Taney avenue!
For me much better place to be than Ranelagh or Clonskeagh unless you must be closer to town, though I’ve always loved the ‘village atmosphere’ in Ranelagh !


Thanks for getting back Maca.

Ideally I’d like an area with good primary and secondary schools with little or no crime/anti social behaviour.

Seen a few houses on taney avenue and taney crescent (and Goatstown) recently which seem o.k value (mainly 3 bedrooms for in & around 300k like the below). 300k is the max id be willing to pay. Do you think these houses are overpriced? Bear in mind most of these places were fetching 550K+ plus during the crazy years.

daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=553553 (probably a bit out of my budget at 410k)

The areas surrounding all the above houses seem grand during the day and at night time from what i have seen during the week but i did see in the below post that there is some flats(social housing) in Rosemount nearby supposedly which might lead to some anti social problems.

All these places are well within my budget just want to be careful that I don’t end up buying a place which turns out to have poor schools and loads of social problems. And obviously id like not to over pay as well, as i said i can afford to spend 300k but i want to make sure i get value for money.

Does anyone have any experience of living in these areas?



410k for that place is obscene!

remember these are asking prices

if you are not embarressed with the offer, then it is not low enough


Any insights to the Goatstown as an area it self irishaberdeen? And what you think of the other houses.

As i said even for the 410k asking price id still only bid 300k, just curious why this place asking price is much higher than the houses around taney. Is there something wrong with taney avenue/crescent as an area? Seems to have been a good share of houses for sale in and taney over the last year.


As you might have guessed from my user name I am not based in ireland anymore so i’m afraid i cant help!

hope you get what you want though :slight_smile:


Cheers irishaberdeen - im a first time buyer so hopefully it all works out. Hope things are going a bit better across the water than over here! :slight_smile:


Plenty of good schools around that area, but bear in mind a lot of them are fee-paying (esp for secondary - Mt Anville, Wesley). The better national schools are hard to get into, so you’ll need to work on it - apply early, check the admissions policy, make sure you are in the right parish etc. best of luck


Thanks Tbear - seems to be a lot of good fee paying schools but not sure if i like to send the kids to fee paying schools. Would you know anything about taney avenue and taney crescent as areas in terms of what they are like? Also any ideas what parish taney avenue /crescent are in as like you said it will have an impact on the schools.


Does anyone know whats going to happen with the Irish Glass Bottle site? I’m curious as its near taney avenue as it may affect the future value of the houses in & around taney avenue


Sorry don’t know a huge amount about the schools that side as I’m from the Stillorgan area - I know that St Lawrence’s boys in Stillorgan, Mount Anville national school and Scoil San Treasa in Mount Merrion have good reputations and are sought after - not sure where their catchment ends. There’s a CofI school in Taney. For secondary a lot of kids around there will go to fee-paying, except for the Irish-speaking schools (Scoil Iosagain and Scoil Eoin) on the N11 and a small number of others - Oatlands & St Benildus for boys, Our Lady’s Grove for girls?


If your budget is circa €300K, then ALL of the properties you cited should be within your grasp! This does not mean the vendor is ready to hear this yet, though! Agree that the €410 asking is ludicrous.
The one with the 150 foot garden looks to need some work and investigation as to what is around it.
Drummartin one is just around the corner from where I sold 3 years ago ( having dropped my asking by 30% back then, thanks to info from here!)and I can tell you it is way overpriced and needs serious attention, by the looks of it!
Like the look of the ‘turnkey’ one but then all of them could be ‘turnkey’ with a bit of work.

You need to believe that what you see/ hear from the VIs ( vested interests) such as agents, property supplements, and others is false or, at best, misleading.
What is the historic evidence of where a crash goes? - see the threads on here regarding Japan, for instance. In a nutshell , prices asked are still way over what they should be and do not be deterred.
I am still looking for the right place at the right price in same general area.
We ( the boss and me) have now decided that if we see a place that we do not veto we will pick a price we think it is worth and CAN AFFORD ( having stressed it by 2% )depending on condition etc. But also the ’ how much we adore it’ factor.
We will make an offer and that will be THE offer. If anyone comes back saying x has offered more or ( as I am hearing of late) he/ the Bank won’t sell for less than X, well, good luck to
Happy hunting!


There’s very little crime or ASB in the area, to my knowledge. Living around there a couple of years now.

Good free schools that you can get your kids into might be a problem.

Of the houses you list, I think the Drummartin one looks the best house; the others are newer terraced houses and less attractive.


Eh? Thats in ringsend, goatstown is not.


IGB had sports grounds in Goatstown, been closed and unused for a few years now, presume they sold it on at some point.


Note that there is a possibility (hopefully!) of school admission criteria changing in the coming years (e.g. waiting lists outlawed, priority given to children who live closer to the school, etc.) - see irishtimes.com/newspaper/bre … ing37.html


There’s a development site in off Goatstown road, down from the Goat pub on the left. That migth be the one you are talking about…

independent.ie/opinion/analy … 74212.html


could you mean Knockrabo? thepost.ie/story/text/mhidcwgbey/


No, that’s around the corner off mt anville road. This is off the goatstwon road, opposite willowfield ave, if you lok on google earth.

It’s funny how much greenfield there is around that area, given the period we’ve just been through.


Ah Ok, thanks for drawing our attention to that site, I was not aware it was there. A bit of sleuthing on google maps goes a long way! maps.google.ie/maps?q=53.295289,-6.23214&hl=en&ll=53.294766,-6.231201&spn=0.003565,0.009645&sll=53.295303,-6.232101&sspn=0.001783,0.004823&layer=c&cbp=13,259.47,0,4&cbll=53.295302,-6.232079&t=h&z=17&panoid=xv_bzDc2bQFMDl-yv8W53g