To get back to topic, Goatstown is a nice area to live in; I lived there for a few years about a decade ago and although I know it’s changed I’m not far from there now and can see it hasn’t disimproved.

It’s got a similar look and feel to Clonskeagh but is just that little bit further out of town. As indicated by other posters, crime and anti-social-behaviour levels are low; you can safely walk around at any time of day or night and vandalism/graffiti are rare. Would be a good place to bring up kids.

The Irish Glass Bottle sports club site you referred to is nothing like the IGB site in Ringsend and I don’t think it should cause you any concerns.


Hi all. Looking in the area, not overly familiar with Goatstown. But… The footprint of the social club is huge. I’ve seen reference a few ideas floated for it over the years, any idea what the current plan is? Or likely future? What becomes of Nama land? Can’t imagine mass apartment building, there’s a lot of surplus high rise accommodation in more central locations.



There’s lots of building land in the area. The social club site, the garage that just sold, acres of land off Mt Anville road, acres of land in Clonskeagh adjacent to UCD - all completely unused AFAIK

If I ruled the country, it would all be CPO’d, a proper mixed development would planned, and built in public-private partnership.


35 Taney Avenue sold €460k on 29-8-13
31 Taney Avenue sold €415k on 6-8-13
9 Taney Avenue sold €375k on 2-8-13
23 Taney Avenue sold €354k on 15-8-13

Who is playing monopoly?


Number 9 is now available as a student let for €2,100 a month:
Doesn’t look like much (if anything) has been done to it…


Lots of movement in Goatstown…

Sean Dunne’s first wife Jennifer Coyle bought [1] the old IGB sports ground on Goatstown Road in 2018 and then sold it to the Department of Education in 2019 [2] who plan to use it for a new secondary school. Meanwhile the Catholic Church are selling off OLG school land just down the road [3] despite on-going objections [4]. OLG and the new Educate Together will take children from the new 1,200 home development in the nearby Central Mental Hospital site [5]

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