Going all in....


Evening all,

Since joining here in 2006 I have had a few twists.

Now selling the PPR and going all in on a BER exempt last twist.

I have not been keeping and eye on the market but at €360 per sq ft and needing no immediate work - how am I faring? Brexit nerves about but the market seems fairly quiet at the minute and cash has evaporated.

Ironically the house is on the same street as one I pontificated on as overvalued in 2010…paying a bit more now. :slight_smile:

ABC - Always be Closing!


You say ‘last’ :slight_smile:

No idea on price/value, but good luck! (Cheeky Offer?)


Oops. Wrong account. Cheeky Offer indeed!


Can you give us an idea where? €360/sq.ft would be cheap in much of Dublin but pricey almost anywhere else.


South Dublin. Inside 1.5km to DART. Off street parking. Good proximity to schools.


And you said it’s in liveable condition. €360/sq.ft. sounds pretty decent.