Going for bankruptcy is not an option for most

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Hopefully this will be the start of the reform of bankruptcy law in Ireland. We don’t want to make it easy - it should be painful. But at the same time Irish law is too draconian - there has to be light at the end of the tunnel for people who need to go bankrupt.

It seems so simple to fix.
Everybody has some sort of an income - from the most miserable on Social Welfare to the most unrepentant permatanned ex-developer playboy being floated along by NAMA.
Set it up if folk owe and are in trouble let a reasonable amount, determined by some due firm but fair process, be regularly docked at source from payments, even over decades if need be, until agreed settlements are paid in full.

Do you mean make it a real marathon as opposed to the measly 12 years?

26 of course!

The law reform is working on this


Fairly sensible, balanced suggestions.

Aren’t Burgess and his crew working on it aswell?

They are just the garbage bin that the gov can refer to when pressed about what they are doing to alleviate distressed mortgagers.